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Could solar flares be triggering birth defects?

It’s known that airplane crews at high altitude are exposed to potentially harmful levels of radiation from cosmic rays, but could these cosmic rays pose hazards even at sea level? A new study into these potential terrestrial effects has just been published in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Study co-author Adrian Melott, professor of physics […]

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Physicists map conductivity change in transition from 3 to 2 dimensions

Scientists from the Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology and Tulane University (New Orleans) have for the first time described the behavior of electrons in a previously unstudied analogue of graphene, two-dimensional niobium telluride, and, in the process, uncovered the nature of two-dimensionality effects on conducting properties. Their findings will help pave the way for […]

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Researchers go beyond quantum limit

Scientists are capable of measuring the position of an object with unprecedented accuracy, but the Heisenberg uncertainty principle ultimately places a fundamental limit on such measurements (known as the standard quantum limit). Now, however, Caltech researchers have found a way to filter this quantum background “noise” and make measurements that go beyond the limits imposed […]

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Spin sensitivity of DNA surprises researchers

Weizmann Institute researchers investigating quantum interactions in biological molecules have shown that DNA is extremely sensitive to particle “spin.” Their experiment shows that DNA can somehow discern and “filter” the electrons moving through it, a finding that could impact both medical science and electronics research. Quantum phenomena are generally associated with extremely small systems, usually […]

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UK boffins split electron

Physicists from the Universities of Cambridge and Birmingham have shown that electrons, which are indivisible in isolation, can divide into two new particles called spinons and a holons when crowded into in a narrow wire. Reporting on their work in Science, the researchers explained that while single electrons seem to be impossible to break apart, […]

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Honey, I Shrunk The Particle Accelerator

Is that a particle accelerator in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Scientists investigating the mysteries of the sub-atomic domain could soon benefit from the dramatic results achieved with a micro-accelerator for electron beams. In a remarkable demonstration of the potential of laser-wakefield acceleration, scientists at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory […]

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