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Lost: one giant planet

Computer simulations of the early solar system suggest the possibility that our system had more than four giant planets initially and that one was ejected as the solar system settled into its current form. Dr. David Nesvorny’s hypothesis, published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, depicts the early solar system as a chaotic place, with planets […]

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New Discovery Doubles Age Of First Human Rituals

An archaeological discovery made in Africa looks set to change our understanding of when humans began conducting rituals. Previous digs had indicated our first rituals were carried out 40,000 years ago in Europe, but an area in north-western Botswana known as Ngamiland has provided evidence that Homo sapiens were performing advanced rituals 70,000 years ago. […]

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Global Warming Behind Early Primate Diaspora?

Exactly what prompted early primates to travel between continents 55 million years ago has perplexed scientists for years. And there are at least 4 different scenarios supposed to explain how primates “simultaneously” popped into existence in Asia, Europe and North America. Now, a collaborative study involving researchers from the University of Michigan (U-M), Johns Hopkins […]

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