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Sun-storm to hit within 24 hours

Sky watchers might get to enjoy some spectacular Northern Lights tomorrow, thanks to a massive explosion on the surface of the Sun that blasted a huge quantity of plasma directly at the Earth. The eruption, known as a coronal mass ejection, occurred early on Sunday morning and may herald a new period of instability for […]

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Ancient glaciation period yields clues to carbon cycle anomalies

A massive glaciation event that occurred around 720 million years ago is yielding important clues as to how anomalies in Earth’s carbon cycle can occur. A Princeton University-led team of geologists suggest that a geological episode called “snowball Earth” (which many believe covered the continents and oceans in a thick sheet of ice) produced a […]

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Menstrual Cycle Rewires Brain

Confirming what women have known for years, researchers have found that changes in hormone levels can have dramatic effects on the female brain. While the new findings lend weight to the old time-of-the-month cliché, they should also raise concerns about the effects that various hormonal treatments, such as the birth control pill, may have on […]

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Massive Salinity Changes In Oceans

Tropical ocean waters have become dramatically saltier over the past 40 years, while oceans closer to Earth’s poles have become fresher, scientists report in the journalNature. These large-scale, relatively rapid oceanic changes suggest that recent climate changes, including global warming, may be altering the fundamental planetary system that regulates evaporation and precipitation and cycles fresh […]

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