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Paracetamol use linked to asthma and male infertility

New evidence has emerged that the use of paracetamol and other painkillers during pregnancy may be part of the reason for the increase in male reproductive disorders in recent decades, while another study has strengthened the link between maternal paracetamol use and infant asthma. The first study, in the journal Human Reproduction, shows that women […]

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Pesticide Contamination Ubiquitous In Pregnant Women

A study from the University of Granada in Spain that analyzed the presence of organochlorine pesticides in pregnant women found that all the participants showed placental traces of at least one pesticide. More alarmingly, on average, the women were contaminated with eight different pesticides. Organochlorine pesticides fall into a group of chemical compounds known as […]

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Environmental Factors Damaging Men’s Reproductive Health

Two new studies appearing in the journal Human Reproduction seem to provide further evidence that environmental factors are adversely affecting men’s reproductive health. The studies suggest that environmental pollutants could be changing the ratio of sperm carrying the X or Y (sex determining) chromosomes and that they could be contributing towards male reproductive disorders. The […]

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