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Couples’ language use predicts relationship success

People tend to be attracted to, and have relationships with, other people who resemble themselves in terms of personality, values, and physical appearance. However, these features only skim the surface of what makes a relationship work. The ways that people talk are also important, according to a new study inPsychological Science, which suggests that people […]

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Courtship affects gene expression

Some of the mysteries of human mating behavior could now be explained thanks to a new study that shows that certain genes become activated in fruit flies when they interact with the opposite sex. Understanding why and how these genes become activated within social contexts may also lead to insights into disorders such as autism, […]

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Game theory shows why you can’t hurry love

English boffins have developed a mathematical model of the mating game to help explain why courtship is often protracted. The study, by researchers from University College London (UCL), the University of Warwick and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), shows that extended courtship enables a male to signal his suitability to a […]

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