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Experiment could reveal mechanism behind quantum entanglement

Physicists have devised an experiment that could reveal the precise workings of Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance.” The results, say the scientists, would show that either faster-than-light communication is possible, or, that the Universe is fundamentally nonlocal, in the sense that every bit of the Universe is connected to every other bit. The proposal […]

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Neurons Mix Digital And Analog Functionality

The longstanding belief that each of the brain’s 100 billion neurons communicate strictly by a digital code looks to be incorrect. Writing in Nature, Yale neurologist David McCormick reported that communicating brain cells use a mix of analog and digital coding at the same time. “This study reveals that the brain is very sophisticated in […]

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Joining The Quantum Dots

Scientists in Athens, Ohio, have found a way in which they can make the artificial atoms known as quantum dots communicate with one another using light energy. The researchers that made the breakthrough believe it to be a crucial step toward making next generation quantum computers a reality. Quantum dots – also known as semiconductor […]

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