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Equatorial Glaciers Set To Disappear In 20 Years

The equatorial icecaps in the Rwenzori Mountains, East Africa, will disappear within twenty years because of global warming, a University College London (UCL) study has found. The researchers, reporting in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, point the finger at an increase in air temperature over the last four decades that has contributed to a substantial […]

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Climate Change Tackled With Constructal Theory

Researchers believe that constructal theory – a physics principle that describes design in nature – could provide a new approach for forecasting environmental change. Research to date indicates that the theory can predict the global circulation of air that determines the boundaries between desert and tropical forests, as well as between temperate zones and the […]

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Grim Future For Global Water Resources

Two new studies in Nature predict major disruptions to the world’s supplies of fresh water. While some areas will become drier, others will receive much more rainfall, and others will be unable to cope with the run-off from previously ice-bound catchment areas. The first study, from the United States Geological Survey, looks at global shifts […]

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Winter Ain’t What it Used To Be

New England residents may dread the severe winters that the region often suffers, but they might be surprised to learn that those winters appear to be getting milder and shorter. At least, that’s according to research in the journal Climatic Change, which suggests that the total number of days of ice on the region’s rivers […]

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New Climate Studies Predict Dire Future

Two new studies released this week paint a gloomy picture of a planet changed beyond recognition by the impact of climate change. The first study, from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, looked at the likely outcomes if fossil fuels continue to be used as they are now until depleted. Using a coupled climate and carbon […]

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Rate of Climate Change Increasing

The finding last week from NASA that summertime Arctic sea ice was declining at such a rate that it may disappear by the end of the century has been strengthened by scientists from Germany who say that the rate of climate change is increasing. NASA used satellite imagery to examine the extent of Arctic sea […]

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Methane’s Effect On Climate Change May Be Twice Previous Estimates

Establishing a suitable model of how the Earth’s climate systems work is a necessary step in determining how much man contributes to climate change. But a recent study may prove that our current models of measuring climate change are dangerously inadequate. Despite the disparity of isolated climate studies, existing scientific consensus models on climate change […]

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Climate Change And Vegetation A Complex Feedback

Climatologist Noah S. Diffenbaugh from Purdue University says he has found that events such as storms and heat waves can vary substantially in frequency and severity depending on how vegetation responds to global warming. His study indicates that as vegetation responds to climate change, those changes in ground cover may affect where and how often […]

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