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Forget The Thermometer, The Mercury Really Is Rising

The wide range of detrimental flow-on effects triggered by climate change continues to surprise scientists. An article in the latest issue ofGeophysical Research Letters reveals how climate change appears to be contributing to the release of high levels of mercury in the northern wetlands of North America. The new report was compiled by Michigan State […]

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Altered Seasons Driving Genetic Changes

The effects of climate change over the past few decades have led to heritable, genetic changes in animals as diverse as squirrels, birds and mosquitoes, according to biologist William E. Bradshaw, from the University of Oregon. But Bradshaw, writing in Science, argues that these genetic changes are in response to altered seasonal events and not […]

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Feedback Loop Puts The Heat On Climate Predictions

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California believe they can quantify the effects of climate feedback-loops using past increases in natural carbon dioxide and methane gas levels as a guide. Worryingly, their results point to global temperatures at the end of this century that may be significantly higher than current […]

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Equatorial Glaciers Set To Disappear In 20 Years

The equatorial icecaps in the Rwenzori Mountains, East Africa, will disappear within twenty years because of global warming, a University College London (UCL) study has found. The researchers, reporting in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, point the finger at an increase in air temperature over the last four decades that has contributed to a substantial […]

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All Hands To The Pumps! Here Comes The Sea

Just when you thought the news about climate change couldn’t get any worse, new projections suggest that the warming climate could melt the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets much sooner than previously thought, leading to a global sea level rise of at least 20 feet. The scientists behind the new research warn that if the […]

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NASA Confirms Recent Ice Sheet Losses

The current issue of the Journal of Glaciologycarries findings from NASA scientist Jay Zwally on the changing ice cover of Greenland and Antarctica that tallies with other recent studies indicating unprecedented thinning of the massive ice sheets. Zwally’s survey, carried out using satellites and airborne mapping, confirms that climate warming is changing how much water […]

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Global Warming Study Melts Away Blair’s Doubts

It seems that UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is taking climate change a lot more seriously than his old buddy President George Bush Jnr., with Blair showing concern over the data contained in a major British government study on global warming. A major finding of the study states that global warming could trigger melting at […]

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Carbon Isotopes Reveal Ancient, Abrupt Climate Change

A new study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography illustrates how global warming caused by greenhouse gases can quickly disrupt ocean processes and lead to drastic climatic and biological changes around the world. The researchers say that although the events unfolded millions of years ago, the findings provide clues that may help us better understand […]

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Arctic Permafrost Not So Permanent

Earth’s warming climate looks like it could thaw 90 percent of the perennially frozen soil across the Arctic by 2100, altering ecosystems and damaging infrastructure across Canada, Alaska, and Russia. Additionally, the effects of so much carbon being released into the atmosphere could massively increase the rate of climate change. These dire predictions, from the […]

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Arctic Soil Carbon Vastly Underestimated

It seems that current efforts to understand the effects of carbon on climate warming could be a waste of time as estimates of Arctic soil carbon appear to be hugely underestimated. New University of Washington research shows that the estimate of how much soil carbon is available in the high Arctic to be released into […]

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