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Smaller fish on the menu as oceans warm

Warmer and less-oxygenated waters could see many fish species reduce in size by up to 20 percent over the next few decades, according to computer modeling carried out by University of British Columbia (UBC) scientists. Their study, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, included more than 600 species of fish from around the world. […]

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Forests set to return to Canada’s extreme north

University of Montreal scientists studying the fossilized remains of an ancient forest inside the Arctic circle think that our warming climate could soon see the return of hickory, oak, spruce and willow to this hostile environment. The fossilized forest, located on Bylot Islandin Nunavut, is between 2.6 and 3 million years old according to paleomagnetic […]

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Fungi make modern violin sound like a Stradivarius

Researcher Francis W. M. R. Schwarze, from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, has used fungi to modify the wood in a modern violin to make it sound indistinguishable from a Stradivarius. The wood used in making a violin plays a critical role in how the finished violin sounds. The particular qualities […]

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South American glacial thinning sharply accelerates

Thinning of the largest icefields in the southern hemisphere (excluding Antarctica) has accelerated sharply, with a new study showing Patagonian glaciers are losing ice faster than ever before. The collaborative study, penned by scientists from Cornell University and the Center for Scientific Studies in Chile, appears in Geophysical Research Letters. Earlier studies determined that between […]

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Biodiversity backflip on warming climate

The notion that the planet’s warming climate will result in widespread extinctions has been challenged by a new study that suggests that biodiversity on Earth generally increases as the planet warms. The study, by scientists from the Universities of York, Glasgow and Leeds, involved the analysis of fossil and geological records going back 540 million […]

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Urbanization wild-card in warming estimates

Scientists studying the impact of urban expansion on climate have found that average summertime temperatures in one US area could increase by as much as 4 degrees Celsius over the next few decades. The findings, published in the journal Nature Climate Change, show that warming from urbanization can be as significant as projected warming due […]

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Dino farts warmed early climate

Mesozoic methane emissions from dinosaurs could, according to new calculations, have produced more of the notorious greenhouse gas than all modern sources – both natural and man-made – put together. The research, published inCurrent Biology, suggests the emissions could have significantly heated the already wet and warm climate. Sauropod dinosaurs, say the researchers, were similar […]

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Climate change treaties wrongheaded, argues radical plan to lock-up fossil fuels

An intriguing analysis of fossil fuel trading and environmental policy shows that rather than attempting to limit consumption via pollution permits, taxation, and climate change treaties; buying coal, oil and other dirty fossil fuel deposits and then leaving them in the ground is a far more effective way to fight climate change. Study author Bard […]

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Rising CO2 levels creating crazy fish

Rising oceanic carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are disrupting a key brain receptor in fish, causing dramatic changes in their brain chemistry, behavior and sensory abilities, say Australian researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies. Their work appears in the journal Nature Climate Change. Around 2.3 billion tons of human CO2emissions dissolve […]

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