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Genetic circuit balances individual freedom and collective good

An intriguing investigation of bacterial genetic circuitry suggests that even the simplest creatures can make difficult choices that strike a balance between selflessness and selfishness. In a new study in Scientific Reports, researchers from Rice University, Tel Aviv University and Harvard Medical School show how sophisticated genetic circuits allow an individual bacterium within a colony […]

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Could oxytocin levels identify high risk parents?

The hormone oxytocin has come under intensive study in light of emerging evidence that its release contributes to the social bonding that occurs between lovers and friends. It was known that birth and lactation boost oxytocin levels in new mothers and now researchers have found a link between oxytocin in new fathers and the quality […]

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Exciton-based circuits promise leap in computer speed

Physicists at the University of California, San Diego, have successfully created super-fast integrated circuits with particles called “excitons,” bringing the possibility of a new type of extremely fast computer based on excitons closer to reality. Their discovery, detailed in the journal Nature Photonics, follows the team’s demonstration last summer of an exciton-based integrated circuit capable […]

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