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Cholesterol metabolism implicated in anorexia

A DNA-sequencing study of anorexia nervosa sufferers has linked the eating disorder to variants in a gene that regulates cholesterol metabolism, suggesting that anorexia could be caused in part by a disruption in the normal processing of cholesterol. “These findings point in a direction that probably no one would have considered taking before,” said lead […]

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Cholesterol’s cancer fighting properties revealed

In an intriguing new study published in theJournal of Biological Chemistry, scientists investigating cholesterol’s binding properties within cells say that cholesterol appears to inhibit or stop cancer growth. The new findings are supported by previous unrelated research that showed how natural compounds that are chemically similar to cholesterol can kill a broad spectrum of different […]

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“Bad” cholesterol not so evil

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) – popularly known as bad cholesterol – turns out to be critical for building muscle mass, and lowering of the body’s LDL levels can cause serious health problems, say researchers at Texas A&M University in a new study. Researcher Steve Riechman said the study reveals that LDL is not the evil Darth […]

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Researchers Give Cholesterol Critics The Finger

Cholesterol has had nothing but bad press since scientists discovered that it was responsible for clogging arteries and causing all manner of health complications. But according to researchers at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, cholesterol is also responsible for us developing the correct number of fingers and toes in the correct locations. This gives a […]

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