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Epigenetic Changes Discovered In Abuse Victims’ Brains

A team of McGill University scientists have discovered important differences between the brains of suicide victims who suffered abuse as children and so-called normal brains. The differences are in their epigenetic marking – a chemical coating on the DNA that is influenced by environmental factors. Epigenetic changes do not involve changes in the actual DNA, […]

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White Christmas’ Less Likely

It’s feeling less like Christmas in many parts of the country as higher temperatures and fewer snowfalls are becoming the norm from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. Looking at states that typically get snow, 197 of 260 weather stations have reported fewer days with snowfall since 1948, according to statistics provided by Dale Kaiser, a meteorologist […]

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Evolutionary Changes Not Always Small

For more than a century, scientists have concluded that a species evolves or adapts by going through an infinite number of small genetic changes over a long period of time. But research published in the journal Nature has provided some new evidence that an alternate theory is actually at work, one in which the process […]

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Superfast Evolutionary Change In Mice Observed

A study of a common wild mouse by two University of Illinois at Chicago biologists has found evidence of dramatic evolutionary change in a span of just 150 years, suggesting genetic evolution can occur a lot faster than many had thought possible. The findings are the first report of such quick evolution in a mammal […]

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