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Rhythmic nature of consciousness probed

Understanding how our brains encode thoughts at the cellular level may be a step closer after neuroscientists at MIT discovered groups of neurons encoding specific behavioral rules by oscillating in synchrony, a finding that suggests conscious thought emerges from oscillatory cycles in the brain. The findings, published in Neuron, could help science to finally unravel […]

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Prof Questions Darwinian Dogma

In a new paper that challenges the Darwinian model of evolution, University of Pittsburgh professor, Jeffrey H. Schwartz, contends that evolutionary changes occur suddenly as opposed to the Darwinian model of evolution, which is characterized by gradual and constant change. Schwartz’s paper, “Do Molecular Clocks Run at All? A Critique of Molecular Systematics,” appears in […]

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Wonky Waves Allow Cancer Cells To Spread

Science may be closer to understanding how cancers metastasize (move, spread and grow away from their primary site) in the human body, if findings published in the current edition ofCancer Research prove to be correct. Metastasis has proven to be the most troublesome facet of cancer treatment, but this may change now that researchers have […]

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