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Magic mushrooms a hit with cancer patients

Psilocybin, an hallucinogen found in magic mushrooms, can effectively and safely improve the moods of patients with advanced-stage cancer who are also suffering anxiety, claims a new study in the Archives of General Psychiatry. It is the first study of its kind to be published in more than 35 years. The researchers say that patients […]

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Bright light at night carcinogenic

A new study from the University of Haifa confirms the theory that bright artificial lighting at night disrupts the body’s production of melatonin and increases susceptibility to prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. “High power light bulbs contribute more to ‘environmental light pollution’, which the study has shown is a carcinogenic pollution,” […]

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Antioxidant supplements found to induce genetic abnormalities

A chance discovery by Cedars-Sinai researchers has shown that high doses of antioxidant nutritional supplements can increase genetic abnormalities in cells, which may predispose the supplement-takers to cancer. The study, led by Eduardo Marbán, director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, appears in the journal Stem Cells. Marbán and his team accidentally discovered the danger of […]

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Mole rat’s cancer-proofing gene revealed

Despite a three decade lifespan that should provide ample time for cells to grow cancerous, naked mole rats have never been known to suffer cancerous tumors of any kind – and now University of Rochester scientists think they know why. The new research findings, published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, show […]

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PSA test blamed for massive overdiagnosis of prostate cancer

Introduced in 1987, prostate-antigen screening (PSA) has resulted in over 1 million additional men being diagnosed and treated for prostate cancer – but most of these were likely overdiagnosed and should not have been treated, a new study in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute contends. Using data from the National Cancer Institute, H. […]

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Melanoma Not Without Benefits

Though skin cancer is deadly to male swordtail fish, it also has one perk: black melanoma splotches help lure females, suggesting that the melanoma gene is conserved for its beneficial role in sexual selection. The study, published inProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, marks the first time scientists have found a cancer gene linked […]

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Magnolia Compound Targets Cancer Switch

Emory University School of Medicine researchers say that a natural compound from magnolia blocks a pathway for cancer growth that was previously considered “undruggable.” Research team leader Jack Arbiser has been studying honokiol (the active compound from the magnolia cone) since discovering its ability to inhibit tumor growth in mice in 2003. Arbiser’s team’s findings […]

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Cancer Eradicating Treatment Goes To Human Trials

Scientists from the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center are about to embark on a human trial to test whether a new cancer treatment that involves the transfusion of specific white blood cells will be as effective at eradicating cancer in humans as it has proven to be in mice. The blood cells, known as […]

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“Safer” Cigarettes Back On The Agenda

Everyone knows that smoking can kill, but until now no one really understood how cigarette smoke causes healthy lung cells to become cancerous. Smoking accounts for the vast majority of lung cancer deaths, causing 90 percent of all lung cancer deaths in men and about 80 percent in women. Now, after a series of experiments […]

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New Cell-Phone Cancer Link

An Tel Aviv University study has found that heavy cell phone users are subject to a higher risk of benign and malignant tumors of the salivary gland. Dr. Siegal Sadetzki’s research, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, established that heavy cell phone users had an increased risk of about 50 percent for developing a […]

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