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Contraceptive Pill Threatening Genetic Diversity?

British researchers from the University of Liverpool (UL) have found that the contraceptive pill appears to disrupt women’s natural ability to choose a partner genetically dissimilar to themselves. Disturbing a woman’s instinctive attraction to genetically different men could result in difficulties when trying to conceive, an increased risk of miscarriage and long intervals between pregnancies, […]

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Study Of Runaway Breakdown Set For Lab

In recent experiments, researchers from the Florida Institute of Technology found that sparks generated in their laboratory produced x-ray bursts that were very similar to those created by lightning. High voltage sparks like lightning are known to emit x-rays and gamma ray bursts, although the mechanisms behind these emissions are still not clearly understood. Now, […]

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Terrestrial Gamma Ray Mystery Deepens

Scientists from Duke University have been studying the link between certain lightning events and the mysterious gamma ray emissions that emanate from the Earth’s own atmosphere. Their study suggests that this gamma radiation fountains upward from starting points at surprisingly low altitudes in thunderclouds. Interestingly, these strong gamma outbursts seem to precede the associated lightning […]

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Possible Surge In CO2 From Arctic Soil

Despite sub-zero temperatures, the Earth’s warming north may add more carbon to the atmosphere from soil, accelerating climate warming further. “The 3 to 7 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperature predicted by global climate computer models could cause the breakdown of the arctic tundra’s vast store of soil carbon,” said Michelle Mack, an ecologist at the […]

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