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Pear-shaped atoms may hold clues to unsolved physics

Physicists have found the first direct evidence of exotic pear shaped nuclei in atoms, a discovery that could advance the search for a new fundamental force in nature and explain why the Big Bang created more matter than antimatter. The matter-anti-matter imbalance is one of physics’ great mysteries. It’s not predicted by the Standard Model, […]

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Antimatter bottled-up for 16 minutes

Antimatter remains an enigma, but researchers at CERN may soon be able to ascertain some of its key properties thanks to groundbreaking techniques they’ve developed that trap and store antimatter for more than 15 minutes. Reporting their work in Nature Physics, the ALPHA team (an international group of scientists working at CERN) outlined their plans […]

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Satellite catches thunderstorm producing antimatter bursts

Astronomers using the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope in orbit above the Earth have detected beams of antimatter produced above terrestrial thunderstorms, a phenomenon never seen before. They believe the antimatter particles were formed in aterrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF), a brief burst associated with lightning and produced inside thunderstorms. “These signals are the first direct evidence […]

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