Zippo 4371, \"Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms\" Brushed Chrome Finish Lighter For Sale

Zippo 4371, \

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Zippo 4371, \"Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms\" Brushed Chrome Finish Lighter:

Zippo 4371

Brand new inoriginal packaging Zippo full size lighter with the brushed chrome finish.The manufacturer\'s suggested retail for this lighter is $27.95.

AllZippoLightersI sell come in their originalbox/packaging &have the orange security label in tact& come with Zippo\'s lifetime warranty.

***Combined Shipping Instructions***

To get the correct amount of shipping for combining multiple different items from my store, the buyer must add all items into the buyer\'s cart first via \"buy it now\". Then request a total from the seller from the cart.
Corrected combined invoices occurs at various times throughout the day-excluding weekends. Typically 1-12 hours after the \"buy it now\" actions.

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Zippo 4371,

Zippo 4371, "Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms" Brushed Chrome Finish Lighter


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