Yuhiro Tsujitsu Snowball Earth, Vol (Paperback) (UK IMPORT) (PRESALE 06/06/2024) For Sale

Yuhiro Tsujitsu Snowball Earth, Vol (Paperback) (UK IMPORT) (PRESALE 06/06/2024)
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Yuhiro Tsujitsu Snowball Earth, Vol (Paperback) (UK IMPORT) (PRESALE 06/06/2024):

Further Details

Title: Snowball Earth, Vol. 1
Condition: New
ISBN-10: 1974743772
EAN: 9781974743773
ISBN: 9781974743773
Publisher: Viz Media, Subs. of Shogakukan Inc
Format: Paperback
Release Date: 06/06/2024
Description: Young mecha pilot Tetsuo survives the last great battle against an alien horde. His escape pod lands on Earth eight years later, but his homecoming is not what he expected!

In the year 2025, huge beasts from beyond the galaxy attacked Earth. In the war that followed, humanity fought back with a giant robot named Yukio, piloted by Tetsuo Yabusame. As the massive alien swarm closed in on humanity’s homeworld, Tetsuo and the Earth Defense Force deployed for the final battle with the invading horde. They lost…

Yukio was destroyed in battle and Tetsuo survived in an escape pod. After eight years in cold sleep, the escape pod finally lands back on Earth. But when Tetsuo emerges he finds a world in ruins, entirely frozen beneath a blanket of ice and snow—snowball Earth! What happened to humanity, how did the planet freeze over, and will Tetsuo be able to keep his last promise to Yukio?
Language: English
Country/Region of Manufacture: US
Item Height: 210mm
Item Length: 146mm
Item Weight: 173g
Author: Yuhiro Tsujitsugu
Genre: Graphic Novels
Book Series: Snowball Earth
Item Width: 20mm
Topic: Manga
Release Year: 2024

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