XL Selenite Tower Lamp Crystal " White Natural Light LED Cord Extra Large 14" For Sale

XL Selenite Tower Lamp Crystal
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XL Selenite Tower Lamp Crystal " White Natural Light LED Cord Extra Large 14":

~ * XL Selenite Crystal Tower Lamp Natural Smooth Polished Crystal Cylinder Light ~ *Handmade crystal lamp comes with LED Compatible Cord & regular light bulb Perfect for Natural Healing LightEach polished tower lamp is about 13"-14" Tall,3-4"Wide(at bottom)Weighs about 3600g(7+lbs)
Selenite crystal is a beautiful angelic connection stone, often used for protection & cleansing. Selenite crystals are perfect for theThird Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra. Selenitecrystal enables the user to attune to their vibratory rate and raise consciousness to a higher level.Selenite crystal calms, soothes, brings deep peace and tranquility. Use this healing white light for positive energy. Selenite crystals protect and cleanse, shielding a person or space from outside influences and removing negative energies. Use Selenite towers in a grid around your home or in the corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space. Meditating with the selenite tower will aid in access to past & future lives. Selenite brings mental clarity, clearing confusion helping reveal the bigger picture behind any problem.The powerful vibration ofSelenite crystals opens, clears & activates the upper chakras - especially the crown chakra, making this crystal excellent for all types of spiritual work, healing practices, reiki, energy work, meditation, auric cleansing. Selenite is used to strengthen the memory &can evoke protection from the angelic realm - dispelling negative energy. The powerful energies of selenite help connect with one's guides, guardians & higher consciousness - simply hold or place selenite nearby to facilitate a connection. Another wonderful characteristic of selenite is that is amplifies the energies of other crystals that are placed on or near it, making it the perfect crystal to charge up positive energies!Physically, selenite is excellent for removing unwanted energies, clearing energy blocks,freeing up stagnant or blocked currents in the physical & energetic bodies. Since each of these lamps are hand carved, each selenite lamp is unique & quantities are limited. Please remember photos are just examples of several selenite cylinder lamps - the selenite crystal lamp you receive will be very similar, but not the exact selenite tower lamp pictured.

I am very passionate about crystals & feel lucky I have been able to help spread the beauty & healing abilities of these amazing crystals & jewelry. I personally make or pick out each piece from the people who made it. I ensure every piece is respected, treated with love, & care. Before shipping to you I also make sure to clear all energies & charge the crystals.Please take note that as with any natural creation there may be some slight size or color variation, as well as inclusions, pits or tiny cracks - these give the stones personality just like us -they are imperfect in their perfect nature!It is my pleasure to be able to do this as a business & pass on these amazing "gems" to others.Please feel free to send me anyquestions you may have -don't forget to check out myother itemsfor all kinds of deals & savings on orders that contain more than one item-Thanks!

Mystic Mana Crystals & Jewelry Store-browse all my beautiful handmade jewelry or check out moreSeleniteitemsto be sure you get the best deal on your order$$ BUY MORE SAVE MORE $$Thanks!

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