WORLD'S FINEST #165, FN/VF (7.0), 1967, DC, "The Crown of Crime", See 8 pics... For Sale

WORLD'S FINEST #165, FN/VF (7.0), 1967, DC,

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WORLD'S FINEST #165, FN/VF (7.0), 1967, DC, "The Crown of Crime", See 8 pics...:

The rating I gave this comic is my best guess, however I am not aprofessional grader so please examine the photos closely. If you have anyquestions or would like additional photos, please let me know.



Slightly bettercondition than FINE +: 6.5, but in lesser condition than the grade above.

FINE+ :6.5
FINE :6.0
FINE- :5.5

This comic isdefinitely a well-read copy, but can still be a very desirable copy.

·This could have onemajor defect like a larger piece out of the cover (1/4 inch to 1/8 inch) or a one-inchplus tear.

·It has stress linesaround the staples and creases from the opening and closing of the cover.

·The whiteness of thepages has been changed to off-white to yellowish color.

·This could have areading or subscription crease or a rolled spine, but is not damaged enough toreduce eye appeal dramatically.

·Some discoloration,fading in colors and even minor soiling is allowed.

·The cover and/orinside pages could have minor tears and/or folds

·Cover can be loosefrom one staple, but cover cannot be completely detached from interior.

·Pages and insidecovers could be brown but not brittle.

·Depending on the gradeof the copy certain amounts are available in this grade. i.e a book that looks8.0 with a piece of tape on the interior cover is acceptable in this grade.

Combined Shipping Available for MultiplePurchases ($1 for each additional comic)

Synopsis for Superman and Batman: "The Crown of Crime"

Superman, Batman and Robin must deal with "King" Wolff, a ganglord who escaped from prison and is dying from radiation exposure. Wolff has three of his underbosses competing for his "throne" and he commands them to perform extraordinary crimes. Batman and Superman capture one crook each and they impersonate the criminals in order to infiltrate Wolff's gang.

They manage to fool the dying criminal, but after his crime plan is completed, Wolff uses the stolen loot to travel to the moon and with his last bit of strength, he creates a giant "W" on the moon's surface that would shine on Earth. Unfortunately, the letter is placed on the dark side of the moon and Wolff dies without achieving his ultimate goal.

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