Ultrasonic Humidifier Vibrating Diaphragm Piezoelectric Transducer 25 mm 1.7 MHz For Sale

Ultrasonic Humidifier Vibrating Diaphragm Piezoelectric Transducer 25 mm 1.7 MHz

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Ultrasonic Humidifier Vibrating Diaphragm Piezoelectric Transducer 25 mm 1.7 MHz:

Ultrasonic Humidifier VibratingDiaphragm Piezoelectric Transducer 25 mm 1.7 MHz Wired – Brand New

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Type: Piezoelectric Transducer

Lead Length:Approximately 75 mm

Rubber Grommet Seal Color:Black (or White)

Resonant Frequency: 1.70 ±0.05MHz (please make sure this is the correct frequency for your equipment)

Protection: The front surfaceof the transducer is coated with a glass composite glaze that is superior in resistingvarious common corrosive impurities; the coating is also anti-oxidation with along lasting life.

Resonant Impedance: ≤2.0ohms

Static Capacitance: 1700 ±20%pF

Average Life: 5000 Hours

Applications: Commonly usedin most, if not all, portable ultrasonic humidifiers and fog/mist generators.

Ultrasonic Humidifier(or Fog/Mist Generator) Basics

An ultrasonic humidifier (or fog/mist generator) utilizes aceramic vibrating diaphragm (piezoelectric transducer) in an oscillator circuitto mechanically vibrate at anultrasonic frequencyto create waterdroplets in the form of cool mist. 1.7MHz is the most common frequency used for portable plug-in-the-wall-typehumidifiers; lower frequencies such as 110 KHz and 150 KHz are usually used forlow voltage 5 to 12 VDC ultra mini models; other frequencies such as 2.0 MHz,2.4 MHz, 2.5 MHz, 2.8 MHz and 3.0 MHz are mainly used for medical andspecialized equipment. The mist usuallygets forced out by a fan, while some ultra mini models have no fans are meantmainly for personal use. Themechanically generated water droplets of the cool mist are about one to five micronsin diameter and are quickly evaporated into the air flow. Unlike humidifiers that boil water, thesewater droplets will contain any impurities that are in the water tank,including minerals fromhard waterwhich then form adifficult-to-remove sticky white dust on nearby objects and furniture. Any pathogens growing in the stagnant tankwill also be dispersed into the air.Ultrasonic humidifiers should be cleaned regularly with a soft cloth toremove sediments and to prevent bacterial contamination from being spreadthroughout the air; never scrape or scratch on the diaphragm disc.

The amount of minerals and other materials can be greatlyreduced by usingdistilled water, though no water is absolutely pure. Special filters and disposable demineralizationcartridges may also be used to reduce the amount of airborne material.

Ceramic vibrating diaphragms are consumable components, meaningthat their performance will deteriorate with usage. The average life of a ceramic vibratingdiaphragm is about 5000 hours. Usingdistilled water helps to maximize the performance and operating life of thediaphragm; use only cool water below 100 °F; thediaphragm relies on the water for cooling, never run the diaphragm dry withoutwater as it will burn out very quickly; it isalso recommended that the humidifier be operated no more than 10 hours per day.

A ceramic vibrating diaphragm works only in a properly functioningoscillator circuit, it will not work by simply applying a voltage to it. Most ultrasonic humidifierproblems (low or no mist) are related to deteriorated ceramic vibratingdiaphragms and if the ultrasonic humidifier still cannot generate a reasonablemist after replacing the diaphragm, then the associated electronic assemblyshould be diagnosed, repaired or replaced.A sample humidifier circuit diagram is provided in the photos that mayhelp to troubleshoot a defective humidifier.

Ceramic vibrating diaphragms are fragile and can be brokeneasily; they should be handled with care.It is also important to know that wires cannot be soldered to a ceramicdisc and if so attached, they were soldered utilizing special solderingtechnique; excessive heat from soldering will damage the disc.

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Priorto shipping: These transducers are brandnew and for added assurance, they will be verified to be in good workingcondition in an actual 1.7 MHz oscillator circuit similar to the sample circuitshown in the photos.

Returns: Items must beunused, unaltered and notsoldered;buyer pays return shipping; original free shipping cost will bededucted from refunds for US buyers; international and other method of shippingcost will not be reimbursed.

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