Triton & Trias Prosthetic ****New Footshell For Sale

Triton & Trias Prosthetic ****New Footshell

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Triton & Trias Prosthetic ****New Footshell:

2C6 - Triton Footshell **Only** foot sold separately2C3-1 - Trias Footshell**Only** foot sold separately

with connection cap in normal or slim form is used for

The 1C60 Triton and1C30-1 Triasprosthetic foot offers excellent functionality even under high load.
The forefoot and heel are made of a light, flexible carbon fiber composite and connected by a base spring made of high-performance polymer to form a cohesive system. This allows for an especially smooth rollover.

One of the benefits of the split forefoot area is that it easily adapts to various surfaces, helping to guarantee that the user\'s movements are controlled. This provides excellent traction when walking on uneven surfaces or when rapidly changing direction, such as during sports.

The 1C60 Triton is suited for patients who wish to have a dynamic carbon fiber prosthetic foot which would be suitable for everyday life and recreational sports.

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