Triaxial Acceleration Sensor For Sale

Triaxial Acceleration Sensor

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Triaxial Acceleration Sensor:

Code: KDC38A Price: $94.99 Quantity in Basket: None The Triaxial Acceleration Sensor measures both acceleration and angular acceleration of an object. Using the three sensors contained within the unit you can determine the total amount of exceleration. Free app available from google play store, science# ,to view sensor data on any Android device. Input Ranges:
  1. -2g ~ +2g
  2. -4g ~ +4g
  3. -8g ~ +8g/CH
  1. +/-0.004g / +/-2g
  2. +/-0.008g / +/-4g
  3. +/-0.016g / +/-8g
Maximum Sampling Rate: 500Hz(Digital)

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