Traditional LUMILINE LED UPGRADE~5th GENERATION Bulb~Similar Lite~Superior Life For Sale

Traditional LUMILINE LED UPGRADE~5th GENERATION Bulb~Similar Lite~Superior Life
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Traditional LUMILINE LED UPGRADE~5th GENERATION Bulb~Similar Lite~Superior Life:

The LEAD picture is of the TYPICAL replicas of the OLD Lumiline lamps or bulbs you are replacing.
... particularly seamless smooth lighting is now achieved with our NEW LumilineLives COB model.
The 3528 models provide very durable good replacement lighting for more moderate costs.
...our spectacularRETRO FilamentLEDis as close to the original as is possible in an LED, the color is wonderful, the linear look of a filament is impressive, the energy savings, longevity and lack of heat are spectacular features; A filament look with all the attributes of LED.

These are the facts:
> The Lumiline Bulb is a classic.Users are enthusiastic, almost cult-like...
> They have not been produced in decades.
> The inventoryof used and new (NewOldStock) is drying up, hard to get and unreliable.
>LumiLineLivesisa directly replaceable,Patent Pending,LEDLumilinethat will outlast and outperform theoriginal.

> It looks as good or better and uses 10% - 20% of the energy;
> Similar Light warmth;creating a soft glow;
>Lower Wattage with same Lighting Intensity, about 8 watts per (60 wattequivalent) bulb;
>Indefinite lifetime as versus only hundreds ofhours limited lifetime of old bulbs;
> Expect 50,000 hours, that's 47 years at 3 hours per dayor 7 years constant on.
> each watt of these very highly efficient LED's getsabout 87.5 Lumens;
> because these bulbs are linear, the lighting isconsiderably more efficient than even a round LED bulb...all of theLED's surfaces emit to target, not to each other.
> 40watt or 60watt or 100+watt equivalent,10% - 20% of the energy, 120 volt AC
(other worldwide voltagesavailable) Lumiline - Replacement lamp

it much faster- not a lot more $$....we use PRIORITY MAIL at checkout If you need more bulbs than what lets us show, let us know, we have many hundreds more of bulbs in stock.We are proud...we have sold ourPatent PendingLumiLineLives LED bulbs to: Walmarts-Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art,Tavern-on-the-Greenin Central Park NYC,Frank Lloyd WrightHouses throughout the USA,Frank Lloyd Wright's'Goop Market'in San Francisco,TheHearst Castlein San Simeon California,TheSinatra family, residences, stores, museums, universitiesamong many other hi-end venues, you are clearly in good company !
The best way to CONTACT US with a question or an installation problem or ANYTHING AT ALL is:
's "aquestion about item"
or Phone.. [phone removed by ]
~ Ship much faster for not much more $$....use PRIORITY MAIL at checkout ~LumilineLiveshas* THREEadditionalbulb options*never found in the original...
*1)*COLOR CHANGING RGBbulb with REMOTE control.This extremely eye-catching light bulb can be set to over 16 colors at the touch of a button, with 5 different light intensities! Additionally, the bulbs can effortlessly cycle, smoothly fade, strobe, and flash through every color offering a complete light show...
(delivery takes a little longer, we have limited stock and sometimes have to produce them on order)*2)*Our spectacularRETRO FilamentLEDis as close to the original as is possible in an LED, the color is good, the linear look of a filament is impressive, the energy savings, longevity and lack of heat are spectacular features; A filament look with all the attributes of LED.
*3)* OurNEW COB LED... individual LED's are in a linewith hundreds of tinier LEDs so there are no "pinpoint lights", very smooth, Guaranteed you'll like This recent conversation might be useful to buyers....Dear perpetualpower,
we have lumiline II type fixtures (there are no separate endcaps, they are built in to the
old bulbs.) would your replacement bulbs work with it?
thanks, dave
- soulman1530Dear soulman1530,
The short answer, Dave, is no, our bulbs are compatible with the older bulb ends.
We are working on LED replacements for Lumiline II but in the meantime we can help.
Ship us the old bulbs and we will perfectly fit your ends onto our new bulbs for no extra
- are SOME comments in response:
eMail from a recent customer, in his enthusiasm he said "great" twice here: "They came, they are great. I'll leave you positive response! Thanks a bunch, these are great!" JerryOTHER response:
("great" seems to be a common word for our LumiLineLives bulbs)"The product is great and so is the service! Can't recommend highly enough!"
"Great product! LED replacements for obsolete Lumilines - what a brilliant idea!!"
"I am most pleased with my LED replacement bulbs for my 65 year old Lumiline lighting over my stove. Just like Gene said, they worked perfectly--Thank you Gene. The new LEDs are brighter and more crystal clear than my older GE and Sylvania 60W bulbs. I give 5 stars." F. D. Tomasello, CA"The new Lumiline bulb works as an excellent replacement for the no longer available Lumiline bulb. The bulb fits into the old fixture perfectly and the light quality is even better. Even more important, people at the company went out of their way to explain how the replacement works. Great product; excellent service.""Great product. Heads and shoulders better than the previous generation."

"Great Light - Wish I bought this a long time ago!"" Very nice. It came quickly, and is not like the old, typical frosted neon light, but (clear) with 3 rows of bright, fun LED lights. Great that this company is filling a much needed niche for bathrooms with old lighting fixtures.""Great Light - Wish I bought this a long time ago!""With this light, I (can) continue to use the cooking top lamp on my 50s stove, thanks!""WOW, these lights are awesome. Thanks!""Responsive seller. Prompt. Much nicer light than older ... model.""Outstanding Product & Service!!! Great Communication!!!"NB:( This comment from a lighting professional)"Beautiful lighting what a huge difference in my display case""Thanks for providing this excellent product ... great seller to work with, Will purchase again. A+++"
"such a relief to find these. I was afraid I'd have to replace my vintage fixtures"
"great, better than original....""excellent lumiline replacement exactly as described!!!""Fast arrival! So excited my vintage medicine (cabinet) lights up again! Awesome!!!"works great !!""... we are so pleased to have light again for our lumiline fixture and not to have to worry about the bulbs blowing every few months. Nice work!""Works Great! Thanks! Works perfectly; prompt shipment. yay!""Item as described and shipped promptly. Thanks for a great product!""Great to be able to replace these lights!""This bulb is great and the seller was wonderful to work with. Very happy!""...bulbs work great and have restored lighting to 1950's cabinet""as described, light works great and saved me from having to convert fixture""Great item they saved my old lighting fixtures""Excellent seller to do business with. His LED light tubes are beautiful .""So happy with my purchase. Gene is a great seller!""So happy to have found these! It's perfect!! A+++ seller!! Thank you!!! ""Hard-to-find items came well-packed, as described---just what I wanted. Thanks.""Luminous!""Works perfectly - Color just like the original - well built product. Thank you! ""This was wonderful - he worked with me until the lights worked correctly. Great""A very good er .... He provided valuable advice on installing the new bulb.""Interesting concept with the led lights but it works as advertized! Good buy.""How neat. Ingenuity is paying of for you I hope. Works nicely and unobtrusive.""Excellent transaction! Exactly as described! No worries! ""VERY GOOD COMMUNICATION!!!!! FANTASTIC IDEA FOR LIGHTING!!! ""Neat item,been looking for a long time. Thank you.""Super replacement for lumilines! Order filled promptly. Definitely recommend! ""Great alternative to old lumiline bulbs! Look great, work great, quick shipment! ""Fantastic alternative to old lumiline bulbs! Quick shipment, arrived perfect! A+""Thank you, Gene. I'm so happy to have found the Lumiline LED bulb and it works GREAT!""The seller has an excellent product for replacing out of production light bulb."

>>> 336 Lumens; ~3.84 watts; 672 Lumens; ~7.68 watts; ~173/4"~100+watt*Equivalent
* This bright, warm100+ watt17.75"bulb wasneverbeforeavailable in Lumiline.
Our60 wattwasneverbeforeavailable in11.75"either!> Clear,Frosted or White or WARM White~40w,60w, 100+
> bulb isa light show,it can glowWhiteorRedor GreenorBlue
or any color at allin class="MsoNormal" style="font-family: Arial; margin-bottom: 0.0001pt;">32functions......itis aCOOL, FUN, GREAT LOOKINGfeature...Additional Information:
These are a Direct Replacement LED highefficiency replacement of the Old, discontinued Lumiline Bulbcreating asoft glow;

LumilineLivesLEDbulbs, are made toexactly fitintothe original Luminline sockets and while they are as good or better than theoriginal with approximately the same warmth and lumens, theydo lookdifferent, but not in a bad way, than the originals they are replacing..

When one bulb burns out, you really should replace all bulbs atsame time so that all bulbs look the same..Mixing"used" bulbs with "new" bulbs (or mixing brands) will eachlook different:
some will be dimmer, some a different shade of color.
And, when one bulb is at its end of life, the other will be near it'send of life too. Keep good working "used" bulbs as emergency spares.
Integral InternalPowerSupply, just plug it in just like theoriginal...nothing more to buy,nowyou don't have to redesign or retrofit your bathroom, living room, office,store fixture, juke box, store display or furniture application.
These are long tubular LED, they do not fitfluorescent lamps &do not work in fluorescent fixtures.
These lamps are for Lumiline Fixtures ONLY. We can supply newfixtures.It requires your old end caps which are saved when your old non-workinglumilines are discarded
If you no longer have the end caps or if thisis for new installation, end caps are available for additional $25.50 per each.
LumilineLivesis the SOLE manufacturer of these updated replacements of an otherwiseirreplaceable,currently unavailable, popular vintage incandescent linearlighting system. We have fixtures too, for new installations.
The best way toCONTACT US with a question or an installation problem or ANYTHING AT ALL is:
's"aquestion about item"
or Phone..[phone removed by ]
~ Ship much faster for not much more $$....use PRIORITY MAIL atcheckout ~

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