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Thought Cast - Occult Symbolism - Mentalism - Mind Control - Mind Reading - easy:

PandemicShipping once per week Due to restrictions on movement outside the home, I will now be shipping only one day per week. When you make a purchase I will message you with my next shipping date. If this date is not convenient you can then opt to cancel the purchase. If you need an item in a hurry then it may be wise to shop elsewhere. Available in two versions Check the images and choose your option from the drop-down list. OVER £20 (and that's just for the wallet version)The arcane version is not available professional mentalism requiring NO SKILL.Your audience will believe you really can read thoughts.A 2-phase feat of professional mind IMPROMPTU - Fits in your shirt pocket or wallet Similar effects to the wallet version sell for £30 OR MORE Get it here for £9.99 The arcane version is not available elsewhere. THE EFFECT Here is the effect in brief... Six mysterious looking cards are shown to a volunteer. Each card bears 6 symbols with different symbols on the reverse side. The volunteer mentally chooses one of the 36 symbols, there is no force, its a FREE choice. You ask them to also note the RUNE that appears on the same card as their symbol. Phase 1 - You name the symbol. Phase 2 - You name (or draw) the rune and give them a short reading based on it Simple and Direct Mentalism Suitable for Home, Stage, Walkabout, Table Hopping Trust me, you will use this effect, FREQUENTLY. NOTE THIS... No fishing No pumping No forcing No 'misses' - you nail it 100% of the time No progressive anagrams No memory work No formulas No gimmicks - cards are totally examinable Instantly repeatable - no re-set Angle proof - angles are irrelevant, perform whilst surrounded one will go straight into your HERE'S WHAT YOU GET:- Full instructions, illustrated and easy to follow.Cards come complete and ready to use, no DIY or arts & crafts Very Easy, No Mathematics or formulas. Be performing within minutes. SKILL LEVEL 1.0 Skill Levels Explained 1.0 - no skill, very easy 2.0 - Still easy but may require a little more thinking and some memory work 3.0 - some sleights 4.0 - advanced sleights 5.0 - expert magicians only response Your positive response is much appreciated and WILL be reciprocated. If you are not happy with your purchase please MESSAGE me for a solution. The response left by others has helped you make a buying decision Please take a moment to return the favour. response is vital to E-bay sellers, I take great care with every package and my playing cards are particularly well protected. I charge only for the cost of the postage with nothing added for my time, the packaging or 's percentage of the postal charge. following explanation is in response to a small number of very rude, and downright insulting, people who do not understand the Global Shipping Programme (GSP) and message me with accusations of greed, rip-offs and extortionate shipping charges. International Shipping and GSPPLEASE Note that I DO NOT ship overseas. I ship ONLY to UK addresses.If you are outside the UK then you are buying via the Global Shipping Programme (GSP).The GSP was introduced by to allow non-UK residents to buy from sellers like GSP works like this:-I ship the item to the GSP depot here in the UK, as with all my items this is FREE SHIPPING. then handles the international shipping, in which the seller plays no part.Thus I have NO CONTROL over the international charges I do have a large number of overseas buyers who buy multiple items at the same time; this results in a single GSP shipping charge and a BIG saving.Simply message me with the items you are interested in and I will then list them as a single item. You will then be able to see the shipping charge before you Copyright Law & Dr Dark This listing is fully in compliance with British and EU law. Before contacting us please read our position regarding Copyright below. European law states that Copyright protection DOES NOT extend to magic tricks, secrets, methods, procedures or principles. According to European Law If you can deduce the secret of a magic trick from a performance or a description then you are free to use that information for any purpose.We will NEVER reveal the secret to a trick that we have purchased from another magician, dealer or creator.We aim to bring quality items of magic and mentalism to those enthusiasts and amateur performers who cannot afford the high prices generally charged and which professional magicians can often recoup in a single booking.Complaints will ONLY be considered on the following grounds:-· Breach of patent· Breach of trademark· Breach of Trade SecretsIf you have such a complaint please forward the necessary proofs and the listing will be removed.ShippingInstructions - via email (to reduce printing and help keep costs down) Props - via Royal Mail, 2nd Item Policy1st class item - If the item has not arrived by the 11th working day after posting, I will refund you immediately. 2nd class item - if the item has not arrived by the 14th working day after posting, I will refund you immediately. Under no circumstances will I send refunds prematurely. These are Royal Mail's rules, and they will not accept that a package is missing until these time periods have elapsed. You accept this policy when you buy from me, it is designed to protect both buyer and seller. Thank you for your NEED to open an dispute, your refund will be sent asap once , threats and complaints for any reason other than those listed above will be responded to by referring the individual or organisation to this legal notice. Further threats and/or complaints will be viewed as harassment and reported to . The wider dissemination of such a threat or complaint will constitute defamation.

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