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Testosterone Boost Same Day Hoodoo Spell

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Testosterone Boost Same Day Hoodoo Spell:

This spell is to increase masculine energy and presence. Turn around time to complete this is 24 hours with photo sent. Have questions? See below for more information or contact me.
Thank you for visiting! I appreciate you! Let me know at anytime if you have any questions or concerns as I want you to be 100% satisfied with your services!!
Please note: The instant download will not contain your reading or digital spell delivery (information and photo). That will be sent via message.
Please message me directly on message for all communications, not my direct email.
Got a reading?
Please send via message your name and date or birth and or your photo. Please send the same information for all parties involved. The type of reading or question in connection with the reading if a custom mini reading or custom reading.
Got a spell, ritual etc.?
Please send via message your name and date or birth and or your photo. Please send the same information for all parties involved.
Got a physical item?
If you got the charged pendant item please send the person who will be possessing the items name, date of birth, if you want it charged for something particular please state it. For all other physical items no additional information should be needed.
::: HOW DOES THIS WORK:::1. Contact me with any questions or feel free to just place your order.
2. While placing the order please write in the notes the details needed for your order.
3. Look out for your delivery via message in 24 hours.
>> Who does the spell you or me?
I do the spells and send you the information and photo after.
>> How do I get my order and when?
Your order(spells / readings) will be delivered via message within 24 hours. Physical products usually take a max of 10 business days to ship, arrival depends on your location.
>> What will I get?
If you ordered a reading, you will get the reading delivered via message. if a spell the information needed for the spell, a report and a photo of the casting.
>> How long is the manifestation time?
>> Can I contact you after my spell?
Yes you can contact me before, during or after.
>> How are the readings and spells done?
The tarot readings are done by shuffling the deck with your information and photo in front of me and question or topic selected. I will usually repeat the same process three times and the repeated messages given will be translated by me and delivered to you in the form of a reading.
The spells are done using petitioned paper, candles, quality rare oils, charged and highest quality stones, incenses, sage etc. on beautiful colorful alter. In a serene energy potent environment over a garden. Your photo will be looked at or printed out during the ritual. A clear photo will be take n at the end of the ritual and sent to you.
>> What else should I know?
About me: I did my first spell over 21 years ago (beauty spell) and notice a immediate change within minutes, I have been studied ancient Egyptian magic, Hoodoo, Mayan and more heavily for over 20 years and have tested out my spell and re-arranged them as needed. I learned that magic is a energy exchange with nature and uses the laws of cause and effect. I use only cruelty free and ethically sourced ingredients and with the exception of one spell all my spells as white magic only. My services are custom to your situation, discrete, judgement free, no known bad karma effects of trying my spells and I offer customer service satisfaction guarantee.Manifestation times can vary if the spell works it can be as soon as possible or can take up until a month unless the spell states otherwise.
Spells are usually done around midnight - 3am. You should get your digital delivery in 24 hours if I have all the needed information at the beginning of the order.
Not meant to treat, cure, prevent any diseases. No results guarantees. can not replace professional help. For entertainment and curios only.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions!! Appreciate you!!"

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Testosterone Boost Same Day Hoodoo Spell picture

Testosterone Boost Same Day Hoodoo Spell


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