Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock For Sale

Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock

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Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock:

Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock

Local pick up

does have a shipping cost but can be purchased Local Pickup

(please read below if you're interested in another shipping option)

Pre Owned

In Good condition

does show cosmetic details with a bit of Knicks and dinks on corners but! I did a little touchup to it with my Always handy MinWax Wood Finish Stain Marker (215 Red Oak) and it does wonders to stain finished wood. it doesn't take out the dinks but it makes them look like if it's natural. So my take is this can be in excellent condition with a tad deep restoration project but just as is It is worthy to be in your house ready to sound off on every half hour to every Hour

Everything Functions

Works excellent

Missing 3 parts, the Finial, long glass door knob, and wind up knob... ***(You can order/buy all parts here on very cheap)***

This is a Mechanical Wind Up Clock with Mechanical driven Pendulum, the weight I think is made of some kind of metal because it is drawn to a magnet so does the pendulum **but the clock face and chains do not stick to magnet so I believe it's copper or bronze maybe aluminum

This Measures @ 73" in Height x 17” at it's longest length (top & bottom) and is 9" in depth

This is a Mechanical Wind Up and it Gongs Once at the Half Hour and Gongs again at every Hour ***for every hour it is (exg if it's 2 o'clock it Gongs 2x, if it's 7 o'clock it Gongs 7x and so on for what ever hour it is.

  This also winds up well with the wind up knob but it's not included as stated above but when it is wound up all the way it stays ticking for about 2 weeks but I'm not sure how long because I wind this up about 2 weeks ago and it's still ticking strong and keeping time.

but as you know when these stop or are moved they have to be calibrated again (maybe) sometimes they don't.

Looks heavy but this is very light I would say no more than 40lbs So it's easy to move around

The weights and clock face and pendulum have little to minimum cosmetic details that with a shine they'll definitely look even better..

this isn't as stylish as the other ones we've had but it's simple, traditional, modern, and easy to maintain Definitely can be a piece to compliment other furniture in your house.. I imagine this by your Reading area so when you get lost in your book.

This typically Retails New 800$+

Asking 275$

or OBO

***This can be shipped to near states up to 5 hours away from south Georgia for an additional 275$ for gas. Just message if you're interested otherwise this is Local Pick Up only.

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