Specialty SUPERB DT Shangaan Amethyst Quartz Zimbabwe 16.2g Master Healer S1 For Sale

Specialty SUPERB DT Shangaan Amethyst Quartz Zimbabwe 16.2g Master Healer S1
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Specialty SUPERB DT Shangaan Amethyst Quartz Zimbabwe 16.2g Master Healer S1:

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Shangaan Amethyst - Quartz Crystal from Zimbabwe. Mineral Healing Beautiful! Shipped with USPS.

The specimen in the pictures is the exact stone you will be receiving.

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Shangaan Amethyst

Natural Smoky Amethyst w/ red hematite inclusions.

From Chibuku Mine, Zimbabwe. Sales support our digger from Zimbabwe. Please see all pictures!

Shangaan Amethyst is the trade name linked to these Quartz crystals of deep and vibrant violets and smoky hues from Zimbabwe. Shangaan Amethyst is said to be a mixture of smoky quartz, amethyst, and red hematite crystals peppered throughout the crystal. Shangaan amethysts, are perhaps, known for their frequent scepter formations, and enhydro inclusions being less common.

Shangaan Amethyst - Metaphysical Properties of a Master Healer

The meaning of Shangaan Amethyst is approximately equal to “The Manifestation of High Spiritual Ideals in the Physical World”

As being a relatively new stone on the market, the literature on Shangaan Amethyst is limited. Many sources describe Shangaan Amethyst as a dynamic source of Yin-energy that is capable of removing dense energy from the aura and removing blockages in the chakras. Shangaan amethyst activates the grounding cord and strongly assists with one’s connection to Earths energetic field. Shangaan Amethyst forms an energy bridge between the Crown Chakra and the Base Chakra and can energize the entire chakra column. The energy of Shangaan Amethyst is of “divine compassion” and is supported by the stone’s character to contain frequent high-vibrational formations such as scepters and double terminations reminiscent of Herkimer Quartz.

Shangaan Amethyst is considered a powerful transformation-type stone and is a master healer. Shangaan Amethyst can help one feel confident and at ease. Shangaan Amethyst can be used to develop leadership qualities. Shangaan Amethyst helps one resonate to the feminine energy of Yin and is beneficial to both women and to those who require the balancing of feminine energies.

Keywords related to Shangaan Amethyst:

Yin crystal therapy, transformation, protection, protection against EMF, divine feminine energy, divine love, manifestation, storm element stone, elestial energy


Amethyst - Ancient Stone of Protection and Purification

Amethyst, a stone of the Quartz family, has been historically popular as an amulet of psychic protection and have been considered a royal stone having been found on crowns, scepters and rings of bishops. It has been highly prized in both ancient Greece and Rome, the Neolithic peoples of Europe, and in Egypt. Amethyst has resonance wih the 3rd Eye chakra and the chakras above (Crown, Etheric+) to essentially connect our subtle energy system and  auric field with the Divine. As a stone of spiritual protection, it is also valuable in assisting one to let go of bad habits and addictions as a catalytic effect of the Violet Ray. Use this stone to build a shield of light around the wearer or place in any environment to ward off negativity; this makes a beautiful piece in the workplace, study room, or bedroom. Larger pieces and clusters make great bookweights and window pieces. This is the perfect stone for meditation and intuitive work and has been observed to help Starseeds and Lightworkers 'feel like Home' while on the Earth plane. 


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Specialty SUPERB DT Shangaan Amethyst Quartz Zimbabwe 16.2g Master Healer S1


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