Shungite pendant "Petal with amethyst" from Karelia magic aura stone health For Sale

Shungite pendant

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Shungite pendant "Petal with amethyst" from Karelia magic aura stone health:

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Shungite pendant "Petal with amethyst " from Karelia magic aura stone health

Material: Natural shungite stone, amethyst

Length: 43mm/1,69 inch

Width of the middle: 28mm/1,10 inch

Thickness: 5mm

Weight: 7g

Cord: 1.0mm, matte black; length ~ 25 inch

Origin manufactured: The Republic of Karelia

Shungite has a powerful effect on the body.Very popular are shungite products. In addition, shungit is a stone-the Comforter, which is able to absorb negativity.Pendant made from shungite restores the energy balance of a person. 10-15 days is enough to wear on a neck pendant made from shungite, and at the expense of self-regulation normal operation of many body systems.

Also, studies were conducted about the effect of schungite on electromagnetic fields and it has been proven that the mineral can be used for protection from exposure to these fields that emanate from cell phones, monitors, TVs.Pendants for the neck and chest, they rejuvenate the body, remove the evil eye, align the functioning of the thyroid gland.

Any item of shungite located in the apartment, an extremely favorable effect on its inhabitants, protects not only the health of the host but his peace of mind, but also brings good luck in love and money matters.

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