Sandbaggy 36" x 48" Large Burlap Bags - Potato Sacks, Plant Covers, Grow Bags For Sale

Sandbaggy 36
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Sandbaggy 36" x 48" Large Burlap Bags - Potato Sacks, Plant Covers, Grow Bags:

Great for Sack Racing, Plant Covers, & More!

Sandbaggy versatile and durable36” x 48” Large Burlap Bags(also known aspotato sacks) are designed for a multitude of uses. Made from high-quality natural burlap, these bags are eco-friendly (made from 100% natural jute fibers) and have a 200 lb weight capacity! They’re great for gardening applications, such as grow bags or plant covers, and for food storage, keeping your produce fresh while allowing for proper air circulation. You can even use these extra large burlap bags for sack racing, they’re the perfect size for adults! Order these large burlap bags for sale, as low as $3.70 each.

  • Fabric: Jute
    • Thickness: 10 oz fibers
  • Size: 36 inch x 48 inch
  • Color: Brown (Natural)
  • Weight Capacity: 200 Free: Made using food grade oils ONLY. Avoid cheaper burlap from competitors that use petroleum
    • Heavy Duty - Can Hold Up to 200 lbs!Sandbaggy large burlap bags are made extremely tough and have a 200 lb weight capacity. They’re made with extra thick 10 oz jute fibers to ensure these bags won’t break.
    • Grow Bags: Perfect for nurturing healthy plant growth, providing ample space for roots and promoting air circulation.
    • Plant Covers: Great for covering and shielding delicate plants from harsh weather conditions, pests, and excessive sunlight, ensuring their well-being and promoting healthy growth.
    • Feed Bags: Ideal for storing and transporting animal feed, such as grain, pellets, and seeds. The breathable fabric keeps it fresh and secure.
    • Adult Size Sack Racing: The perfect size for adults, enjoy the thrill of sack racing with these durable giant burlap sacks. The 3 ft wide by 4 ft tall bag is ideal for anyone above 5 feet tall.
    • Eco-Friendly Grocery Bags: A sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags, these reusable burlap bags are perfect for grocery shopping and storing produce. They’re ideal for storing produce like potatoes, onions, coffee, and garlic, which need a breathable environment to prevent them from spoiling.
    • Buy In Bulk and Save Big!Our large burlap bags are available at wholesale prices, as low as $3.70 each.
    FAQWhat are the advantages of burlap bags?

    Burlap bags offer several advantages. Firstly, they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, making them a sustainable choice. Burlap is also a breathable material, allowing air circulation that helps prevent moisture buildup and mold growth. The natural fibers of burlap provide durability, making the bags robust and able to withstand heavy loads. Additionally, burlap bags are versatile, used for various purposes such as packaging, gardening, storage, and crafts.

    What's the difference between a gunny sack and a burlap bag?

    Gunny sacks and burlap bags are the same thing. Gunny sacks more specifically refer to burlap bags used for transporting goods, while burlap bags are a general term which can refer to a variety of applications.

    Are there different grades of burlap?

    Yes there are different grades of burlap based on the quality and thickness of the fabric. Lightweight grades are better for crafts and DIY projects, while heavier weight burlap is used for gardening, packaging, construction , etc. The most heavyweight burlap is usually used for things like erosion control.

    Large 3 ft x 4 ft Burlap Bag - Great for Adult Potato Sack Racing, Food Storage, Gardening, \u0026 MORE!

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