SPANISH INFLUENZA 1918 Great Lakes Naval Letter-7 New Reg Cases+Chicago to Open+ For Sale

SPANISH INFLUENZA 1918 Great Lakes Naval Letter-7 New Reg Cases+Chicago to Open+

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SPANISH INFLUENZA 1918 Great Lakes Naval Letter-7 New Reg Cases+Chicago to Open+:

Welcome! Up for sale is a 99 year old letter written by 28 year old Trenton, MO sailor, Carroll B. Miller (1890-1924). He's going through "boot camp" and in Aviation Gunner school at the 15th Regiment "Aviation" Camp inside the Great Lakes Naval Training Station outside of Chicago, Ill.
The letter is dated October 28th, 1918 and has six pages on three large sheets, front and back. The envelope is in fair to good condition (not pictured but included)It is addressed to his wife Lyndall Davidson Miller (1891-1980) who gave birth in August to their first child, Virginia Lynn (V. L. in the letters). At the time of these letters he is in Company E, 15th Regiment (Aviation).
The Spanish Influenza still has everything closed in Chicago but Carroll has been able to leave the Naval Station and spent the night at a friend's relative's house in Chicago.
Carroll states that places in Chicago will start opening back up later in the week.
He reports that "the rainy weather has created seven new cases of Flu in our Regiment yesterday and today".
He also lets his wife know that a friend "Stockdale" (no first name given) was sick (with the S.I.) and that his wife "Ella had been nursing him and the she got the Flu herself and died". Ella's husband's initials were "G. G." but no other information found. Ella's full name was Ella Ruth McFarland Stockdale (1887-1918). She died there in Illinois but was from Trenton, Missouri like Carroll and Lyndall, and was sent back and buried there.
All mentions of the Spanish Influenza (S.I.) have been underlined using software to more easily find it. None of it of course is physically on the letter itself.
FYI: One of the nurses who served at the Naval Station during this time period stated in an interview from 30 years ago that they would wrap all incoming sick servicemen in "windings" (used for burial) since so many died. When an ambulance that carried four litters would arrive with four new patients, it would always leave with four dead.
FYI: I've added a graphic to the gallery that shows a couple official statistics published in the Annual Report by the Secretary of the Navy. It shows the number of deaths each week at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station between September, 1918 and December, 1918 and the death rate. I've converted the death rate to a percentage for easier use.As always there's lots of other news and information in his letters.
They're written in an easily readable script and in pen. It'swritten on one side of standard plain but good quality (low acid content) un-lined stationary and is enclosed in a Lutheran Brotherhood envelope which is in pretty decent shape. Let me know if you have any questions.
More letters containing his writing about the Influenza epidemic at the base, in Chicago, or at home in Trenton, Missouri will be posted soon. In separate sales there are or will be letters from him concerning the wreck of a passenger excursion ship that wrecked while he was aboard and what happened. A group that that describe the camp, the construction, his classes and his ability to get out of work details, the birth of their daughter, a great description of the Labor Day celebration and the all-day and night party when Germany surrendered will also be posted. A very good collection will be by Paypal and is required within 24-48 hours after the end of an sale or at time of purchase for a Buy It Now. For sales with no payment within 3-4 days, it will be reported.

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