SAINT EXPEDITE Oil Miracles Hoodoo Conjure Witchcraft Anointing FABLED CROW For Sale

SAINT EXPEDITE Oil Miracles Hoodoo Conjure Witchcraft Anointing FABLED CROW
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SAINT EXPEDITE Oil Miracles Hoodoo Conjure Witchcraft Anointing FABLED CROW:

SAINT EXPEDITE Oil, Classic Formula

Saint Expedite is traditionally known as the worker of miracles. If you have an urgent need, he's your guy.

Oftentimes, St. Expedite is used for quick and urgent help with a bad financial situation. Most practitioners of many different paths say that he not only works fast, he sometimes works within hours. Personally, I have had St. Expedite come through for me within minutes. Thatsaid,money isn't his only gig. I've heardincrediblestories of hishelpwith healing, and even breaking through obstacles to get an approval for somethingthatyou want. His overall focus is a quick breakthrough in a situation where you just can't fix it on your own.

You will want to find a prayer to Saint Expedite and a red candle in order to work with him. Saint Expedite oil should be used to anoint the candle, and you can also anoint the prayer thatyou've written out or anoint a prayer card. It doesn't matter if you're pagan, Catholic, or any other path -- the prayer to St. Expedite is the gateway to reach him. Prayers are EASILY found online, or you can order a prayer card from any number of places. Red is the most common color for his candle, however you may also find other colors that are for very specific purposes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Working with St. Expedite is essentially work-for-hire, It means you ask in a very specific way for what you want, and you promise him payment in return for his help. I never pay before he comes through for me, because if I do, he may consider his work completebefore it's done.Traditionally, this saint may take back whatever he provides to you if you don't pay him what you promise as soon as you get yourresults.Usually, payment is a slice of pound cake and some coins, plus a public "thank you" for his help. You can write out your gratitude on paper and leave it on abulletin board, orleave a message of gratitude in apublic online space, such as one of the many social media channelsdevoted to Saint Expedite. I givehim his pound cake, 5 very clean and shiny pennies (sometimes I givehim nickels), and I leave a public message of gratitude at a social media group for this saint. After a week, I discard the cake and coins.

  • Contains organic herbs, pure essential oils, and a pure carrier oil -- no preservatives. Shake well before use.
  • Also contains a bronze-tone cross charm on thebottle, and a touch of red colorant. Cross charm style may vary sometimes, based on what is available to me.
  • Saint Expedite is the worker of miracles, for any urgent need. Any St. Expedite prayer (easily found online) and any red candle are perfect for working with this saint and his oil.
  • Set your intention, and do not forget to pay this saintafter he delivers what you have askedhim for -- that is CRITICAL.
  • For any spiritual work specifically with Saint Expedite, especially candle anointing. It can also be used on his holy day or feast day (April 19 of every year).
  • Triple concentrated, so you can use less
  • Please do an allergy test first if you plan to wear it on your skin as a personal fragrance
  • Stays fresh for at least 6 months, up to 1 year. Store out of direct sunlight for best results

I try to accommodate everyone as best I can. If you need help learning how to use any oil that I make, drop me a message. Instructions for use are not included with your shipment.

Fabled Crow sells our hand-blended ritual oils with the explicit understanding that there are no guaranteed results. These products are sold as curiosities only.

Every precaution has been taken to follow the old, traditional formulas precisely. ForFabledCrow exclusive formulas, decades of research has gone into ensuring that the ingredients are specific for the stated use. Occasionally, an oil might smell slightly different or look slightly different from another bottle. That’s because they arenotfake perfumes made in any lab. Essential oils, herbs, and resins are organic materials that are found in nature or derived from natural, unique materials. In other words, don't get grumpy if the jasmine flower, cinnamon stick, or frankincense resin in your bottle looksdifferentfrom the one pictured in the listing.

As stated, Fabled Crow takes no responsibility for your results. As every practitioner knows, there is no such thing as an oil or candle that performs magic(k) without your active participation.YOU are the magic(k). Oils and candles are tools to help you focus your work better.

If you don’t know how to use them, you should put in the research time to learn. There aren’t any shortcuts. Study not only improves the results of your work, but also helps you build your own metaphysical knowledge base so that your work will improve over time.


I ship everything at no additional cost to you. If you order several items and the weight goes over the USPS First Class limit, I will ship your order Priority. Otherwise, everything ships First Class.About Me

For those of you who don't know me, I craft real-deal spiritual supplies in the heart of Appalachia for serious practitioners and beginners of many different faiths, from Wicca to Santeria and almost anything in between. I've been doing this for decades. Here, you'll find old Hoodoo staples, mysticalmetaphysical blends, as well as modern recipes. Everything is pure, strong, and made one-at-a-time by hand.

I use old, well-established,classicrecipes from a formulary that was handed down to me nearly 30 years ago, plus a few special blends that I have developed over time.My oils are triple-concentrated, meaning I use 3X the primary ingredients in my recipes and less carrier oil. They're stronger, so you can use less. And you'll never find fake perfumes in any of myrituals oils.

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