Relic - St. Michael Archangel Stone (Cave Shrine) w/certificate of authenticity For Sale

Relic - St. Michael Archangel Stone (Cave Shrine) w/certificate of authenticity

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Relic - St. Michael Archangel Stone (Cave Shrine) w/certificate of authenticity:

(NEW CONDITION) Relic Stone INCLUDES (English Language): 1" - Origin of the Stone Pamphlet & 1" - Consecration Prayer Card from the Monte Gargano Cave Shrine. (& Spanish Infos. is also available; upon request),..... This is a very special hard to get stone, consecrated with the presence of theArchangel Michael from the miraculous sacred cave in Monte Gargano, Italy. Thisis a place where a series of approved apparitions took place of theArchangel Michael. Iwould like to tell you a little about the St. Michael the ArchangelStones, which are most precious and very hard to get, keep inmind a most wonderful grace was promised to those who have thesecave stones. I personally know many people who have gone there and were unableto get these stones from the cave. I have been their twice (St.Michael's Monte Gargano Cave) its about 20-25 minutes away from Padre Pio's(San Giovanni Rotondo). Padre Pio went on pilgrimage to St. Michaels Cave! Also many Saints and Holy Popes have gone to this Sacred Cave. STORY:It all happened in Monte Gargano, Italy where St. Michael the Archangelchoose a cave and consecrated it with his divine presence and laterrevealed a special grace for those who had the holy stones from this cave during a time when its people were sufferingfrom a terrible plague. Inbrief, I now share the following information from one of the pages of the officialapproved booklet of this Holy One of a kind Approved Shrine, - "St. Michaelthe Archangel appeared to him (the Bishop) in dazzling splendor and ordered himto bless the stones of the grotto (cave) engraving them with the sign of thecross and the letters M.A. (Michael Archangel) and revealed that Whoeverkept those stones devoutly would be immune from the plague. The bishopdid what he was told to do. Very soon, not only the town was delivered from theplague, but also all those who asked for the stones wherever they lived." I have also read from other most interesting sources that bysimply having a relic of the Archangel Michael, miraculous healings have beengranted. Keep in mind that this is a stone relicconsecrated with his divine presence. This Cave is the only place in the worldthat was not consecrated by man (Bishop) for the purpose of Worship, since St.Michael related it was not necessary since he had already consecrated the cavewith his divine presence. As for the pilgrims that go to the sacred cave and enter it, special graces are bestowed upon them. Those graces are the forgiveness of all sins and the petitions made their will be granted. P.S. This Holy Archangel Cave StoneRelic comes with a pamphlet explaining more details on the orgin/revelations ofthe apparitions that took place in Monte Gargano, Italy. I have included 3 pictures of the Stone with its thecla markings! Keep in mind that one of the pictures shows the back side of thethecla which reads in Italian "Pietra del Santuario S.Michele" which means in English: "Stone of the SantuarySt. Michael." F.Y.I. (Each St. Michael Relic Stone within the goldish color thelca vary in its Count & Size).

F.Y.I. This Certificate of Authenticity is a "COPY" of the "Document" that's issued with the Relic Stone for an additional payment that they request at the Monte Gargano Cave Shrine in Italy.

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