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26\" NATURAL MINERAL COLOR SILKPRINT SIX-REALM THANGKA: BHAVACHAKRA,WHEEL OF LIFESize(cm): width: 43.5cm, height: 63.5cmSize(inch): width: 17\", height: 25\"Material: HIGH QULITY NATURAL MINERAL COLOR PRINT ON CANVAS, BLESSED IN HUAZANG MONASTERYDescription: High Quality printed on the canvas with pure natural mineral color. Absolutly unique style on .

Silk print is a nano technology which can render 10 times better quality than common thangka print. Silkprint thangkas are as clear and vivid color as hundreds-dollar-worth 1st. class hand paintined thangka. All silkprint use natural mineral colors like lapis, corel or turquoise powder, which are more strongly adhere to the canvas, which can last more than a century without color fade.

A Tibetan Thangka is a painting of a sacred image or deity on cloth (usually canvas or silk). The delicate, detailed imagery is hung in meditation centers, personal ritual spaces, and even yoga classrooms - anywhere we would like to remind ourselves of the Divine. These richly colored paintings are intended to bring the essence of Spirit into our homes and sacred spaces.


The wheel of life (bhavachakra in sanskrit, or samsara for others) is often found on the exterior walls of the monasteries, on either side of the main entrance. It represents samsara which is a synonim of the word life. The \"wheel\" also happens to be a synonim of samsara, as it can also means \"cycle\" or \"rotation\".
Samsara an Iconographic Concept

Meaning of Bhavachakra

By Samsara (bhavachakra) we are talking of all existences that are conditioned by: ignorance, suffering and the unexplainable flow of time, often represented by Yama holding the wheel of life. Nirvana, on the other hand, represents the world unaffected by negative emotions, which by definition is the nature of true happiness.

The notion of a rotation or cycle, is explained by the fact that humans or beings, as I will call them for the remainder of this article, do not occupy a stable place within Samsara, but depending on their Karma will pass from one type of existence to another.

Mount Service:You can choice an additional Brocade & Bar Service from my store. This thangka piece will be embroidered with exquisite pattern. mounted with wood scrolls and covered by silk cover. It will be ready for hanging on the wall, or rolled up for storage. All procedures are hand works in Lama Monastery, use the classic articarft which last more than 1000 years.

The silkprint thangka can be either framed in your local area or choose our Wood Bar & Brocade service.

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Optional mount service takes 7-9 business days to wait for dry out as ready-to-shipping status.If you want a Brocade & Bar Service, choose the style you like, offer both of themThree DragonDragon in OceanMedaline & CoinDorje CrossDorje & Persian FernBlue 8 Auspicous SignsYellow 8 Auspicous SignsRoyal Viovelt Purple Dragon

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  • Medicine Buddha

  • Shakyamuni

  • Amitabha

  • Amitayus

  • Vairocana

  • Aksobhya

  • Other Buddhas

  • Yamantaka

  • Vajrakila

  • Kalachakra

  • Vajrahara

  • Hayagriva

  • Hevajra

  • Vajrapani

  • Other Vajras

  • Manjushri

  • Cundi

  • Maitreya

  • Marichi

  • Yamantaka

  • Vajrakila

  • Mahakala

  • Citipati

  • Palden Lhamo

  • Rahula

  • Begtse

  • Other Guardians
Tara & Dakini

  • Green Tara

  • White Tara

  • Dakini

  • White Umbrella

  • Kurukulle

  • Ekajati

  • Other Female Devas
Guru & Wealth

  • Tsong Khapa

  • Five Jambhalas

  • Yellow Jambhala

  • Green Jambhala

  • Red Jambhala

  • White Jambhala

  • Black Jambhala

  • Mandala

  • Refuge Field

  • Bardo

  • Feng Shui

  • Garuda

  • With Consort

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