Ozmosis Seawater RO Membrane SW-4021 Replaces DOW SW30-4021 4" x 21"Desalination For Sale

Ozmosis Seawater RO Membrane SW-4021 Replaces DOW SW30-4021 4

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Ozmosis Seawater RO Membrane SW-4021 Replaces DOW SW30-4021 4" x 21"Desalination:

Coastal Water Filters is proud to offer this Ozmosis Brand Sea Water Membrane, Brand New in Factory Sealed box.
Out-performs Dow SW30-4021800gpd @ 800 psi & 99.5% salt rejection means that this will give more water, better quality water, and use less energy (electricity) to produce that water...when compared to other similar membranes. Comes with feed spacer (may not be needed).Part number: OZ-SW-4021Replaces Filmtec SW30-4021 and many other Sea Water Membranes.This SW-4021 Reverse Osmosis Membranes is used for many Applications such as: Marine Use
Desalination SystemsCar Washes
Food IndustryWhole House Reverse Osmosis Commercial Reverse Osmosis Agricultural Industrial4" x 21" Fits all standard 4" x 21" Membrane housings stainless steel, PVC, or Fiberglass
This is compatible with the following common Brands and part numbers as well as others: Dow Filmtec Seawater Series
This Membrane is made of the highest quality materials including Toray Brand Sheets and Dow Brand Glue. We use the best of both manufacturers.Fiberglass wound housing is superior to plastic housings. Average Production: 800 GPD Max Pressure: 1000 psi Optimal Pressure: 800 psiSalt Rejection: 99.5%
Boron Removal Rate: 93%
Recovery Rate: 4%
Feed Spacer 28 mm
Free Chlorine Concentration: <0.1
Continuous Running PH: 2-11
Chemical Cleaning PH: 1-12
Test Water Concentrate: 32800
Test Water PH: 7.5
Max Pressure Drop Each Element: 10 psiTested prior to packaging. Quality guaranteed. This is a true Seawater Membrane not a brackish water membrane. It is designed to work best in water that has high TDS.
We are experts in water treatment. If you are having a problem with membranes fouling or clogging to quickly, we have other options and systems to save you money on yearly membrane replacement costs. - just send us a detailed message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Ships FREE to Lower 48 United States
Your actual product may have a private label from our company: Coastal Water Filters. It is the same product as is listed, in all ways except the label.

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