Original 1957 Inaugural Committee Eisenhower Nixon Ribbon with Medal For Sale

Original 1957 Inaugural Committee Eisenhower Nixon Ribbon with Medal

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Original 1957 Inaugural Committee Eisenhower Nixon Ribbon with Medal :

Terms and Conditions of this sale: Your offer is an agreement to the terms and conditions listed below:

Description:Original 1957 Inaugural Committee Eisenhower Nixon Ribbon with Medal. Poor condition. Top section, which reads "Inaugural Committee," is detached from the main ribbon. Offering price reflects condition.

Please review title and pictures. Questions welcome before the end of listing.

Condition: This item is being sold as is and with all faults. Please see imperfections that are noted or are otherwise visible in uploaded images/scans. Also, please remember that an interpretation of an item's condition-along with the associated description of that condition-can vary from person to person. Please look at the pictures provided, ask any questions, and then make your own final determination as to the condition of the item(s) being offered for sale.

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