OVALTINE 1920s quack medicine claims text store poster vitality fatigue For Sale

OVALTINE 1920s quack medicine claims text store poster vitality fatigue

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OVALTINE 1920s quack medicine claims text store poster vitality fatigue:


OVALTINE 1920s quack medicine claims text store poster vitality fatigue


This item comes from the Ovaltine Archives--read the story below. You can usea printout of this listing as your COA (Certificate of Authenticity) !

My Internal Inventory Code : 20x24-3 large banners


One must realize that due to the nature of how the Wander Company handled their Ovaltine Archives, the method of storage and handling was not with picky collectors like you and mein mind. Items may be folded, written on in ink or pencil (with notations, messages, personal notesor filing codes), stapled, taped, cut unevenly (in the case of pages from print media), punched with binder holes.......and a LOT of the items in binders were glued to black construction paper pages.

Fortunately whatever glue they used frequently has deteriorated and allowed items to fall off the pages without tearingor paper loss. However, keep in mind that such items carry brown brush stroked glue stains on part of their surface which I attempt to show in most cases. In cases of certain binders being sold in their entirety, to be safe, assume most items have glue stains on the back unless otherwise FOR SALE IN THIS LISTING :

SIZE (if not clear in the photo--see ruler and yardstick) :

CONDITION OF ITEM IN THIS LISTING here to see all my listings on from The Ovaltine Archives THE OVALTINE ARCHIVES

In Feb and Mar 2012, I purchased what I am calling "The Ovaltine Archives".

Ovaltine was a product of the Wander Company and they originally had their offices in Illinois when they started in the 1920s. They were located fordecades in Chicago and Villa Park, IL and the return address on many classic premiums for Little Orphan Annie and Captain Midnight carried those same return addresses.Some time in the 1980s they appear to have moved to Minneapolis MN, due possibly due to having been purchased by a larger company. In present day, Ovaltine is owned by Nestle who also now has one of their offices in Minneapolis MN.

In 2012, I purchased a large amount of Ovaltine related material from an individual who had worked for Nestle in Minneapolis at the time the items were being discarded. At some point in 2007-2010 , orders came down from "higher up" that the enormous Ovaltine Company archives on premiseswere to be gotten rid of by a certain time. The storage where they were located was emptied and everything was put on 2 pallets about 6 feet high.

Employees of that office were instructed they could take whatever they wanted for free, since the items were headed for the garbage. After a week or so, whatever was not taken by employees was disposed of and unfortunately, A LOT of the material was not saved. No one knows for sure what was in the boxes that were thrown away but I can tell you that from what remains, the Ovaltine people were fanatical record keepers and appear to have saved EVERYTHING.

The remaining material, TheOvaltine Archives, contained 99% paper items such as.....................

40+ binders and bookswithsuch items as :

2 binders that track the sales results of every Little Orphan Annie premium from 1930-1938, 9 binders that show examples of ads run in magazines for years 1930-1937, salesman pitch books for 1950s Capt Midnight promotions, a small amount of original art, 2 binders that contain an example of every company envelope Ovaltine used from the 1930s-1950s, TV commercial storyboards from the Leo Burnett Company, proof copiesof advertisements, Capt Midnight TV & Radio ratings results, 4 books of advertising analysis, 1 book documenting Ovaltine ads connected with the Dave Garroway TV show, a couple binders which contain a small amount of material on Howdy Doody promotions around 1950, 6 binders of 1955-1956 Capt Midnight related company correspondences with their ad agency Tatham-Laird, 3 binders of 1955-1956 Capt Midnight related letters to consumers with Capt Midnight letterhead and his picture, 12 binders documenting print ads for years 1927,1930-1939, 1943 ; 3 binders of proof copiesof print ads for years 1947, 1948 and 1950

Advertising and Misc.items include :

advertising blotters, TV station pitch books, CBS TV merchandising kit for the Capt Midnight TV show with film commercials and newspaper ad mats, several dozen 1950s Capt Midnight store signs, posters, salesman brochures and misc advertising, a small assortment of Ovaltine related archive photos, 1973 cereal boxes with PDQ offers, some misc LOA and Capt Midnight premiums, LP records with radio & TV commercials on them, numerous 16mm and 35mm films, and a large sampling of in store advertising materials such as large bin signs, posters, banners, window signs, jar labels, shelf talkers, coupons, jar collars, product holders, brochures, flyers, and more !

There is not a lot of duplication. It is rare there is more than 2 of anything which makes me think that possibly they tried to save 2 of everything but in some cases, a small handful of items had quantity of 5 or 10.

Admittedly, a significant portion of theOvaltine Archive material is only going to be of interest to die hard food, radio and premium collectors. However the information contained in some of these papers reveals amazing inside company info never intended for the public--sales numbers, cost of radio and TV commercials, problems with SAG (Screen Actors Guild), costs of production and commercial time, analysis of sales and print media ads, scripts for commercials, analysis of advertising success and costs, consumer response to ads and premiums, inner company communications, sales meeting and conference reports, damage and breakage reports from shipping premiums, communications with TV stations, and so on. There are 100s and 100s of invoices for example.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to open "the books" on a company thathad one of the mostsignificant roles of all timein 20th century nostalgia and collecting---- here is a once in a lifetime opportunity !!!

After all, the legendary Little Orphan Annie decoder mentioned in the iconic movie, A Christmas Story, was issued by................. Ovaltine !




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I cannot "combine shipping" after you have already paid.

1) DO NOT USE the cel phone app ! If you do, will force immediate payment and charge you full shipping on each item. I will not refund your money if this happens.

2) You must log into with a browser (Chrome, Safari etc)on your phone, computer or laptop to avoid this.

3) Put all items in your Cart and then, while in your Cart,click the "Request Total" link

Because and PAYPAL have made partial refunds so complicated, I will no longer be refunding $ if you do not follow these instructions.

MY PHOTOS- If more than 1 item is shown in a photo---then items are in SEPARATE listings unless otherwise stated ! Read description!

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If you have questions about any negatives I have received, feel free to ask.

THANK YOU TO THE PATIENT AND REALISTIC PEOPLE WHO MAKE 98% of DEALINGS A PLEASURE. I have been on since 1997 and this company's ability to make simple things needlessly difficult is unmatched by anything I have experienced elsewhere.

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