Nutricell Stem Cells Argan & Silk Protein Capillary Treatment Revitalizes Hair For Sale

Nutricell Stem Cells Argan & Silk Protein Capillary Treatment Revitalizes Hair

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Nutricell Stem Cells Argan & Silk Protein Capillary Treatment Revitalizes Hair:

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REVITALIZES YOUR HAIR!!!! Stem cells promote the formation of new cells to replace those already aged or sick; those of our skin are in the deepest layer of the epidermis. Nutricell stem cells are plant and feature a mix of anti-aging youth recover assets hair. They are obtained by a single crop through Nanotechnology, to extract from plants native molecules that cause vital process. Nutricell is a treatment that eliminates frizz that brings restructuring, shine and softness to hair, as if time recede. Its scent is pleasant and leaves no traces of fat, also contains D-panthenol. Consisting of two completely different products: Nutri: Composed of panthenol, pro-vitamins, amino acids and thermo-active components that react to cold or heat Cell: Composed of cultured stem cells of the argan tree. Product Strengths The union of these two products becomes the first hair treatment capable of: Reaching the hair follicle of our hair, penetrate our skin and stimulate the dermal stem cells to continue to generate more cells. Nourish hair from within Working as the most efficient regenerator of the hair fiber that manages to give strength and shine to the hair, presenting a younger appearance from the first application. Product Performance The two bulbs, Nutri and Cell are enough to make a mixture of 150 ml of product just adding 120 ml of water. Positive effects Its effects are recommended on some diseases of the scalp and hair falls: Scalp with dandruff Contact dermatitis Fall by cycles in women Fall by stress Increases capillary fiber very fine hair Accelerate the development of new hair Recommendation as appropriate For hair sensitized by chemical processes By external agents of weather and elements For without body hair and visibly affected by the customer's age Hair with keratin treatments and relaxers Irons and hair dryers exposed to very often.


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