NEW - RVR TEX2000Light FM Transmitter 2000 watt Stereo NEW For Sale

NEW - RVR TEX2000Light FM Transmitter 2000 watt Stereo NEW

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NEW - RVR TEX2000Light FM Transmitter 2000 watt Stereo NEW:


RVR TEX2000Light FM Transmitter 2000 watt Stereo NEW

Item Condition: New


RVR TEX2000LIGHT FM Transmitter 2000 watt Stereo NEW

The sell is for a NEW RVR 2 Kw FM transmitter Stereo

Technical infrormations::

Features-PRIMARY APPLICATION: high quality at a very attractive price. Ideal for use as transmitters in stand-alone applications. Adjustable power output from 10 to 100%.-AUDIO PERFORMANCE: low distortion and intermodulation values and a high noise/signal ratio.-HARDWARE FEATURES: compact (525mm depth only) and indeformable thanks to the stainless steel chassis, in 3 rack units only.-USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES: four pushbuttons for user/device interaction and software that offers a simple, intuitive interface.-EASE OF MAINTENANCE: advanced module engineering ensures extreme of access and simple maintenance.-OPERATING EFFICIENCY: incorporate a PFC (Power Factor Corrector) power supply, that provides the utmost efficiency for enhanced energy saving and environmental protection, which added to LD-MOSFET technology ensure high efficiency, better than 70% across the APC (Automatic Power Control) and Foldback protection ensure reliable operation under any operating conditions.-INTERFACE CONTROL: total control thanks to microprocessor easily programmed from menu with all key parameters displayed on LCD.-INPUT/OUTPUT INTERFACE: built-in high-performance stereo coder, L&R analogue audio inputs, Mono inputs, MPX composite signal and auxiliary inputs for SCA / RDS signals.-RDS APPLICATION: built-in RDS encoder with UECP standard functions (option).-REMOTE CONTROL: built-in telemetry system via GSM modem, battery and battery charger or via WEB or via SNMP (option).-REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: state-of-the-art technology in full compliance with EC, FCC and CCIR standards.

We recommend that, for the high powers involved, the transmitter installation should be made by qualified technicians.

For manuals and datasheet contact us.

Listing Includes:

(1) Complete transmitter;

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