Muonionalusta meteorite ring Meteor Wedding Ring size;8 For Sale

Muonionalusta meteorite ring Meteor Wedding Ring size;8
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Muonionalusta meteorite ring Meteor Wedding Ring size;8:

Westenden pattern: Meteorites are divided into three types: iron meteorites, stony meteorites and stony-iron meteorites. Among them, the main components of iron meteorites are iron-nickel alloy components, which exist in the form of elements. The identification of most iron meteorites only rely on dimensional patterns. The so-called three-dimensional pattern, the full name of the translation is Westenden pattern, is the arrangement of iron and nickel element crystals in meteorites, which are crisscrossed. The three-dimensional pattern is theoretically formed after 1 degree of cooling and crystallization in the microgravity environment of space every million years. The iron-nickel structure can only be revealed under the action of nitric acid or other pickling solutions. The top scientific laboratories of mankind have tried countless times to simulate the cooling environment to imitate the dimensional pattern, but in vain. So far, it has been impossible to imitate! The iron-nickel cry s tal Westenden of the iron meteorite has clear and beautiful lines. The charm of gems lies in fire, and the charm of meteorites lies in luster. Most of the time, the dimensional lines of meteorites are not conspicuous, just crystal clear lines, but the refraction of light by meteorites will give you an instant surprise when the angle changes, and the dazzling silver light suddenly becomes refraction. But it disappeared in an instant. It is an infinite charm and surprise, a gift from the universe and space.

The iron-nickel alloy in the planet's core slowly crystallizes to form an octahedral structure at a rate of cooling of 1° per million years. After polishing and pickling, an X-cross-like pattern can be seen. This model is from the inside out. The structure, any part is cut and pickled, you can see the pattern, which is impossible for humans to imitate. This can be used to identify real and fake.

Meteorites are the core components of planets in the universe. After the planet is broken for some reason, the core components enter the universe and fall on the earth. After being picked up, it is a meteorite.

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