John Hurt Life Mask Mr. Ollivander Harry Potter Alien The Elephant Man Rare For Sale

John Hurt Life Mask Mr. Ollivander Harry Potter Alien The Elephant Man Rare

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John Hurt Life Mask Mr. Ollivander Harry Potter Alien The Elephant Man Rare:


This is a great life cast of English Actor John Hurt. This casting is made out

of sturdy reinforced white Hydrocal plaster, with a metal loop attached to the back, ready

to hang on the wall. It was cast out of  the original mold from the movie and

television industries. As you can see from the photos, it's a great casting off the actor's face. This casting is a 1/2 Life Cast, meaning the casting goes all the way back to, just before the

ears. Since the mold was taken directly off the

actor's face the casting is life size , or 1:1. This life cast was made for the special effects make up applied to the actor.

*I have a  Life Cast collection of over 250 celebrities, Movie & Television Stars, and historical greats such as Abe Lincoln, George Washington ETC. If you are interested in a list please let me know. Thanks,


The life

casts I sell are not mass produced or pre-casted and put in stock. I am a one

man operation and I personally hand cast each life mask per order. Each cast

must pass my high standards, no air pockets or surface defects. If I am not

satisfied with the finished cast, I throw it out and start over. It is this

attention to detail and quality control that sets Classicasts apart from the


I start with

my original plaster life cast and make a high quality RTV platinum silicone

rubber mold. Silicone rubber molds do not shrink, and hold an incredible amount

of detail!

My next step

is pouring the cast. Again I use a high grade gypsum cement called White

Hydrocal. I do not use cheap “casting” or “pottery” plaster. Hydrocal costs a

little more but the results are well worth it. After my first coat of bubble

free Hydrocal has set, I apply a second coat of Hydrocal that is mixed with a

fiber, much like packing straw. This coat reinforces the cast to make it strong

and durable, less likely to chip or break, and it allows the cast to be light

weight. During this final coat a metal wire loop is embedded into the upper

back area so the cast is ready to hang on the wall.

I take great

care in packing all my life casts. This is a very important step to prevent any

damage or breakage during shipping. The life casts are encased in bubble wrap

then suspended in the middle of the box by packing peanuts. The box itself is

of a thicker cardboard stock, 200 pounds per square inch in a bursting test.

Again I pay a little more for these boxes but it’s worth it to prevent any

damage during shipping. All of my life casts are guaranteed. If the cast is

damaged, lost, or broken during shipping, the buyer has the option to either

receive a replacement or be issued a full refund.  I stand by all my life casts, and what the

buyer sees in my high definition photos, is exactly what they will get when

they open the box.

Finally I

would like to address the subject of Certificates of Authenticity. Because a

COA for a life cast isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. I can print up my

own COA, and make up some lame limited edition number, but that’s not really

valid is it? None of the life casts you see for sale are authorized by a movie

studio, or special effects studio. Or for that matter, none of the life casts

are approved for sale by the estates of the celebrities represented. These life

casts make their way to the general public without the knowledge of the movie

studios, special effects shops, or any other points of origin. So don’t be

fooled by someone issuing a COA or limited edition number with their life cast,

as I said earlier it’s not worth the paper it’s printed on. If a life cast does

have a valid COA or valid limited edition number, you can be sure it will be selling

for thousands of dollars, not hundreds of dollars….buyer beware.

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