Heat Shrink Tube - 4:1 ratio Dual Wall Adhesive Glue Marine lot HeatShrinkBuddy For Sale

Heat Shrink Tube - 4:1 ratio Dual Wall Adhesive Glue Marine lot HeatShrinkBuddy
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Heat Shrink Tube - 4:1 ratio Dual Wall Adhesive Glue Marine lot HeatShrinkBuddy:

Premium-Quality Dual-Wall Polyolefin Heat Shrinkable Tubing
Wall Type: DUAL-WALL(Inner wall of\"hot melt adhesive\"to encapsulate and protect your wires!)
Sized by:ID (Inner Diameter)
Shrink Ratio: 4to 1- This premium tubing has an inner wall of adhesive/glue which melts when heated to encapsulate your wire and protect it from the elements
Uncut tubing or longer lengths are almost always available upon request! Just contact us!If you need 3:1 ratio dual-wall (ADHESIVE) tubing, go you need 2:1 single-wall tubing in SMALL sizes, go you need 2:1 single-wall tubing in LARGE sizes, go choosing sizes,make sure you are thinking in terms of DIAMETER. Diameter is the measure of a round object, not flat. Larger sizes may be flat prior to usage, but they are still ALWAYS sized by ID (inner diameter). Refer to the chart/diagram in the additional photos for further reference!SUMMARY:
  • Made of premium cross-linked polyolefin, a robust and versatile material with excellent properties and durability
  • 4 to 1 shrink ratio; will shrink to one fourth of the nominal (named) diameter
  • Dual-wall adhesive-lined; when heated, the inner glue-lining will melt and seal your wires to protect them
  • The tubing is sized by ID (inner diameter). Diameter is the measure of a ROUND shape, not flat.
  • There is no printing/specs on this tubing!
  • \"Heat gun\" or specialized \"task oven\" to shrink the tubing at 90°C to 110°Celsius
  • Non-flammable and ventilated workspace
  • Safety gloves, protective eyewear, respiratory not perform repairs of electrical/electronic components unless you are a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable professional. Performing repairs can be very dangerous. Don\'t do something stupid! Seek professional assistance/advice!
  • The tubing, adhesive, and items you are working with can get very hot!Be careful not to burn yourself - avoid touching heated gloves, protective eyewear, and respiratory mask are all recommended. Work in a well-ventilated area and non-flammable workspace. Clear your surroundings to avoid accidents! This includes children and pets!
  • Read and obey all safety instructions for operation of the heat source you choose to utilize when heating the tubing. \"Heat guns\" or specialized \"task ovens\" are recommended.Do not exceed 110 degrees Celsius when shrinking the tubing to avoid burning/degrading the tubing! Hair driers do not get hot enough to shrink most tubes, however they may be useful for tiny sizes. Torch/flame is not recommended as you may burn/damage the tubing.
  • While heated, the tubing is in a softened state until it cools, and thus may be easily damaged. Avoid stretching the tubing until it cools and firms up.

  1. Read safety guidelines
  2. Prepare equipment and work area
  3. Slide tubing over wire
  4. Apply heat to tubing to reach 90°C to 110°Celsius
  5. Allow tubing and wire to cool

The tubing is sized by ID (inner diameter).If you only know theflat widthof the tube size you need (measuring across a flattened tube), but aren\'t sure what ID you should choose, you can quicklyapproximate diameter by dividing by 1.6!For example: If you need a tube that is 3 inches wide when flattened, you would divide 3\" by 1.6, which equals 1.875\". That means you should order the 2\" ID tube

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