HUGE SET - EICO Service and Instruction Manuals on CD For Sale

HUGE SET -  EICO Service and Instruction Manuals on CD

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HUGE SET - EICO Service and Instruction Manuals on CD:

Photo shown is only an Example, All Scans are FLAT and Easy to read.!! Print out or enlarge them as you see Fit !

ALL THE MODELS LISTED ARE ON THIS CD ------ This is a Reproduction ofService Data Ihave listed all the Makes and Models, It is a Huge List. This is a large Manual on CD w/ Adobe Reader –Many Pages of Information. It may be one the most extensive CD ever Made forService information. This is a wealth of information for any Radio wanting to be repaired or parting out. Radio Models covered are:


Service and Operating Manuals HUGE SET


HUGE LIST OF Service and Operating manuals on one CD


  • Model 145 Assembly Instructions
  • EICO 147 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 147A Instruction Manual
  • EICO 221 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 232-249 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 232 Construction Manual
  • EICO 240 Operating Manual
  • EICO 242 Operating Manual
  • EICO 250 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 315 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 315 Construction Manual
  • EICO 320 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 324 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 324 Construction Manual
  • EICO 330 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 360 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 368 Instruction and Maintenance Manual
  • EICO 369 Operating Manual
  • EICO 377 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 378 Operating Manual
  • EICO 379 Operating Manual
  • EICO 425 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 430 Instruction Manual
  • EICO 443 Operating Manual
  • Model 460 Operating Instructions
  • Model 465 Operating Instructions
  • Model 488 Schematics
  • Model 526A-526A Operating Instructions
  • Model 556-566 Operating Instructions
  • Model 610 Operating Instructions
  • Model 625 Instruction Manual
  • Model 625 Tube Data
  • Model 635 Operating Instructions
  • EICO 667 Instruction Manual
  • Model 667 Tube Data
  • EICO 680 Instruction Manual
  • Model 706 Schematics
  • Model 710 Schematics
  • Model 717 Operating Manual
  • Model 720 Schematics
  • Model 722 Schematics
  • Model 723 Schematics
  • Model 730 Schematics
  • Model 751 Operating Manual
  • Model 752 Operating Manual
  • Model 753 Operating Manual
  • Model 944 Operating Manual
  • Model 950 Operating Instructions
  • Model 950B Schematics
  • Model 955 Operating Instructions
  • Model 1050 Schematics
  • HVP-1 Operating Instructions
  • MX99 Instruction Manual
  • Below is a Short History of the Company, The EICO sets were very popular and a few still turn up Unassembled !
  • EICO was established in New York City in 1945 to manufacture electronic test equipment in kit form. A wide variety of test equipment remained the company's mainstay during the time it was in the electronics business, however EICO often augmented their product lines with what was thought fashionable. For example, in the late 1940s it offered Geiger counters in response to public interest in uranium prospecting. In the 1950s and 1960s, they offered amateur radio and electronic test equipment. Their largest secondary market was audio equipment.

    Eico produced hi-fi products in the early 1950s to the mid 1960s with a line of tuners, preamplifiers, and amplifiers, available both in kit form or fully assembled. The model Eico HF-81 integrated tube amplifier is just one of several highly-regarded products manufactured by EICO during this period. EICO is also known for "monoblock" amplifiers such as the HF-50 and HF-35, stereo integrated amplifiers such as the ST-40 and ST-70, as well as many other amplifiers and preamplifiers.

This Manual SET does cover a lot of ground and covers these models well . These Schematics show how to troubleshoot all the tubes and how to bring A Great for bringing a non-working unit back to life, even if you can not read these schematics or Diagrams they are invaluable to a Service Technician working on a Older Unit. Plate Voltages are shown, Capacitor and resistor Values are show if one is Burned up or missing. All Tube Numbers are shown if a tube is missing. Speaker Field resistance values are shown to aid in troubleshooting the Speaker and Sound output. This is a High Quality, Easy to read re-production from Original Schematics. (Note: Picture shown is only an Example) Manual CD (Remember this is a CD, You must be satisfied with its operation, no complaints yet. Copyright Reserved and CD Coded for Tracing . This is a CD and comes w/ Adobe Reader. Great CD with Thumbnails and easy to Print from. Good Luck. Photo Shown is just an example.

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