HP Hewlett Packard 1992 *power shift* Apollo workstation vintage ads For Sale

HP Hewlett Packard 1992 *power shift* Apollo workstation vintage ads

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HP Hewlett Packard 1992 *power shift* Apollo workstation vintage ads:

Power Shift.
That's what we called it in early 1991 when Hewlett-Packard unveiled the fastest, most powerful workstations ever to hit professionals' desks. With models capable of executing more than 76 million instructions per second, the first Series 700 workstations set the pace for the rest of the workstation industry.
And the Power Shift continues. One year later, HP brought Series 700 power to new levels of economical pricing with the acclaimed Model 705 and 710 workstations.
More is yet to come. HP recently introduced its new 7100 micro processor, which will be the foundation for future workstations, performing at levels of over 120 million instructions per second.
Add to this nearly 3000 of the best off-the-shelf applications available anywhere. Open architecture for multivendor environments. And worldwide support from a world leader. No wonder independent survey after survey ranks Hewlett Packard as #1 in customer satisfaction.
Call [phone removed by ] to find out more about the HP Apollo Series 700 workstation family. It could be the fastest thing ever to hit your desk!
Hewlett-Packard Company offers a comprehensive range of workstations that sup port more than 4000 software applications -- from demanding graphics and compute-intensive engineering solutions to such popular desktop productivity applications as Lotus® 1-2-30.
At the end of 1991, HP ranked second in the $9 billion worldwide workstation market, according to Dataquest, an independent market research firm. In addition, HP was the #2 supplier of RISC-based systems, according to RISC Management newsletter. (RISC is the leading computer architecture used as the base for workstation systems.)
HP is also a recognized leader in computer graphics, having introduced the first color workstation in 1980. Since then, HP has been providing designers and developers with 2D and 3D graphics systems that are fast, reliable, and accurate. Today, the HP Series 700 workstation can draw 2D and 3D images at the blazing speed of more than 1 million vectors per second.
LEADERSHIP IN TECHNOLOGY In 1989, HP acquired Apollo Computer
Inc. - - the company credited with inventing the engineering workstation and the concept of networked workstations. By combining the advanced technologies of both companies, HP has been able to pro duce the industry's most comprehensive family of price/performance leaders in the workstation industry.
HP's workstation family ranges from entry-level systems selling for under $5000 and delivering performance of 35 million instructions per second (MIPS), to the system that set the industry on its head -- the Model 760, delivering over 76 MIPS.
LEADERSHIP IN APPLICATIONS Users of Hewlett-Packard workstations cover the gamut of technical, engineering, and commercial applications. The company has won a series of multimillion-dollar contracts in retail, telecommunications, investment banking, and government operations, in addition to the more traditional technical computing fields.
LEADERSHIP IN QUALITY Hewlett-Packard has long held a strong
reputation for its reliable products and quality support. And that tradition ex tends to HP's workstation products. In fact, in a survey of workstation users con ducted by Datapro, an independent re search company, HP's Series 700 was voted #1 for overall customer satisfaction over all the other leading workstation manufacturers.HEWLETT PACKARD
For more information about HP workstations, call [phone removed by ], or contact your nearest HP sales office or HP authorized reseller.
Lotus and 1-2-3 are registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.

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