FACTORY ERROR Vintage Star Wars Figure BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH Kenner Variant with Gun For Sale

FACTORY ERROR Vintage Star Wars Figure BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH Kenner Variant with Gun
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FACTORY ERROR Vintage Star Wars Figure BLUE SNAGGLETOOTH Kenner Variant with Gun:

Blue Snaggletooth Vintage Kenner Star Wars Action Figure
Welcome new_releasesTatooineToyland public
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a Star Wars toy store located near Mos Eisley where kids both young and old loved to shop and play. Welcome to Tatooine Toyland: your trusted home planet for affordable, authentic vintage Kenner Star Wars toys from the original trilogy dating from 1977-1985. Let me help you build your collection, or find that last missing piece!Background Information table_chartTopic publicStatistics publicItemBlue Snaggletooth Action FigureAssortment of Origin (COO)Hong KongVersionNo "Toe Dent"VariantFactory Error (2 Right Legs)Force PowerNo Batteries NeededIssue Price$8.99Our Price$9,850.00 Item comes with free shipping, handling, and insurance. Star Wars Cantina Playset"SET INCLUDES: Recreate the bizarre adventure, and create new ones with 4 fully poseable plastic figures: Greedo, Snaggletooth, Hammerhead, and Walrus Man. Graphics depict various characters and activity outside the Cantina. Ages 4 and up."CONSTRUCTION: Made of cardboard. Scene is 18 x 7 inches high."

-- 1978 Sears Wish Book

Description descriptionBlue Snaggletooth Action Figure publicThis sale is for a one-of-a-kind, 100% authentic, original vintage Blue Snaggletooth (#38331) action figure with factory error/defect. This loose Kenner Star Wars action figure variant comes from the original Star Wars (SW) line. This figure is the "Non-Dented Toe" version. It has great paint (belt, boots, hands, and head), tight limbs, no broken parts, and will more than easily hold a pose and stand on its own. Figure is 100% complete, and comes with Blue Snaggletooth's original black smuggler blaster as well as an acrylic Kenner display stand.Our favorite blue alien hit the market nearly four decades ago as a production mistake. When Kenner's toy designers were making the prototype, the only visual resource they had for the character was a grainy, black-and-white photograph of the character's head. Lacking sufficient details from Lucasfilm, the Kenner designers essentially made a guess as to color (blue) and height (average human height). When Star Wars hit the big screen in 1977, Kenner's producers saw to their amusement (or horror) that Snaggletooth was about 3 feet tall; and he wore a red suit!When George Lucas finally learned of the error, he demanded the figure be corrected to its short, red state as seen in the film. So Kenner responded by making the correction during the production run, scrapping the 3¾ inch alien dressed in a blue jumpsuit with silver go-go boots; and quickly replacing it with the shorter, stouter, and furrier red figure standing just under 3 inches (2¾). In addition, Kenner changed the box art to depict the new corrected red Snaggletooth which was also later released separately on a card along with the other creatures that came with the Cantina Set. At the time, these changes made the Blue Snaggletooth all but a distant memory.Carrying the same weapon as the small version, the Blue Snaggletooth was available only in a sealed Kenner baggie and never on any blistered card back. Furthermore, unlike his replacement, the taller Blue Snaggletooth was never shipped as a single carded version. Instead, you either had to purchase him as part of the Sears Cantina Adventure Set, or buy the Greedo-Snaggletooth two-pack sold exclusively by Sears, beginning in 1978.One more thing collectors will note: In addition to red versus blue versions, there is still another variant. Blue Snaggletooth can be found as either a "Dented Toe" or "Non-Dented Toe" variant. The indentation in one boot is most likely a manufacturing error. I am of the persuasion that the "Dented Toe" version came in the Greedo-Snaggletooth two-pack, and the "Non-Dented Toe" version came with the Cantina Adventure Set.So as you can see, the elusive Blue Snaggletooth, in near-mint condition, is one of the rarest and most difficult vintage Kenner Star Wars figures to find.This bizarre factory error/defect/variant Blue Snaggletooth figure is even more rare since it was made with two right legs!Although Kenner had great quality control, the error was difficult to detect because the figures were bagged in Kenner baggies; and then packaged and hidden inside a box rather than visibly carded under a bubble. The only other Blue Snaggletooth error I've ever seen documented was posted on the RebelScum blog in October 2010 where the owner said he had a Blue Snaggletooth which had two left legs.My son asked me why would someone believe that this item is authentic. Great question!These are the reasons I provided to support its authenticity:
  1. I purchased the figure in a collection from the original owner who had purchased the toys for his kids many years ago.

  2. The figure's legs are colored exactly the same which would be nearly impossible with the diverse blue/green coloring seen on this figure.

  3. The figure was molded in hard, brittle plastic that was not able to be safely taken apart. The only Blue Snaggletooth figures I've ever see "taken apart" are shattered in several pieces because it can't be done without destroying the figure. Please see my last two photos which show a shattered Blue Snaggletooth torso from another seller, and then a glued Blue Snaggletooth from another seller.

  4. Who would want to "risk" taking two expensive and extremely rare Blue Snaggletooth figures apart to have a unique variant?

  5. When hobbyists customize Star Wars figures, the limbs, joints, and head are usually loose or broken. The limbs, joints, and head on this figure are solid and tight.

  6. Then there's the before-mentioned documented case of a Blue Snaggletooth that had two left legs. Maybe these two figures were back-to-back on the same assembly line, and got the wrong legs switched making two rare errors before Kenner noticed the mistake.

This action figure was made by Kenner in Hong Kong in 1978.Buy this item to acquire a one-of-a-kind vintage Kenner Star Wars artifact. It will be the "crown jewel" of your collection, and make a great conversation piece. Figure and weapon are 100% original and authentic. Please carefully examine all photos for specific details. You will receive the exact same loose factory error action figure with weapon as shown in the photos. This figure comes from a non-smoking home and pet-free home; and has a clean, neutral smell. There are no musty, moldy, cigarette, or perfume odors present. Complete your loose figure collection by getting this original loose Star Wars figure. It's a galactic find!Parts List ballotBlue Snaggletooth Parts publicItems in green are included. Items in red are not. Blue Snaggletooth action figure (factory error). Blue Snaggletooth black smuggler blaster.I've also included an acrylic Kenner display stand.Databank account_boxSnaggletooth Biography publicSnaggletooth was a Snivvian present in Chalmun's Cantina on the planet Tatooine. He had light-colored skin, black eyes, and dark brown hair. While walking the streets of Mos Eisley, Snaggletooth wore a red tunic over a black shirt along with light-colored pants and boots.The name "Snaggletooth" dates back to the original Kenner Star Wars toy line in which an action figure based on the Snivvian was given the name. Later sources which are now identified as belonging to the Star Wars Legends timeline noted that the name "Snaggletooth" was actually a nickname, and that the male Snivvian's real name was Zutton. Although the character in the film wears a red-colored shirt, the original Kenner toy featured blue clothing. The figure's clothing was changed to red during the toy line's production run as was the figure's height.Pics camera_altSlideshow publicPayment Information paymentMethods of Payment publicWe accept PayPal as our main form of payment. Alternative methods such as credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) are available through the PayPal interface. Please send us an e-mail if you need to use an alternative form of payment, and we will be happy to work with you. Payment is expected within 2 days after the sale/sale is completed unless the buyer contacts us.Residents of North Carolina will be subject to a 7.25% NC state sales tax. Also, due to a new online tax law, residents of the states of Alabama, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wyoming will automatically be charged the appropriate sales tax via the interface.Shipping Information airplanemode_activeShipping Times, Packaging, and Carriers publicWe ship promptly (usually within one business day) after payment is received. This figure will ship fully insured with tracking information via USPS Priority Mail, and will be carefully and expertly packed in a 4 mm plastic zip baggie along with bubble wrap and packing peanuts in a sturdy box for safe shipment and storage.I have additional 100% authentic, vintage Kenner Star Wars items available, and love multiple sale purchases. I will gladly combine shipping. However, first, please wait for me to send you an updated invoice before paying; or I will not be able to combine shipping charges for you.The shipping costs for all of my items are clearly stated in my sale listings. All orders over $100.00 will include insurance as well as a signature confirmation.I gladly welcome international buyers. However, you will need to use 's Global Shipping Program; or have a U.S. shipping address in order to participate in my sales.Questions question_answerAny Questions? publicPlease e-mail me any questions you have regarding my items to make sure that you are getting what you think you are. By using excellent lighting and a high-end camera, I want to make sure that you see an accurate representation of the item(s) you will receive. My aim is to show the highest quality photos with close-up details since pictures speak a thousand words.Return Policy syncTerms of Sale publicAll sales are final, and I don't offer returns. Therefore, please ask questions before offerding. However, your purchase is protected via 's Buyer Protection Program. So, if for some reason you happen to have a problem with your purchase, please contact me right away; and I will do my best to make it right! Thank you.Company Information storeAbout Me publicI've been an avid Star Wars fan and collector since 1977, and have a vast collection of 100% authentic vintage Kenner Star Wars items including mint in box (MIB) playsets, ships, and vehicles as well as unpunched mint on card (MOC) action figures released between 1977-1985. Most everything I have grades between a C-8 to C-10. Many were mine as a child, and the new boxed and carded items were purchased in the 90's from a reputable dealer in Cincinnati, Ohio — the city where Kenner was based. I also have a vast selection of accessories, weapons, trading cards, and carded figure backs as well as other miscellaneous items that I plan on putting up for sale as time permits so please check back regularly.I'm also a reseller of vintage Kenner Star Wars toys, and am always looking for large collections to purchase. My company is called Tatooine Toyland, and I take great pride and care in providing high quality photos and detailed descriptions so my clients will be pleased with their purchases. I have the knowledge, insight, and a well-trained eye and ear to detect "repro" (reproduction) weapons and accessories. They are quite prevalent on by sellers, and some of the items even pass the float test; so buyers beware! Just so you know, I despise repros; and want nothing to do with them!So, if you're looking to purchase 100% authentic Kenner Star Wars items that I have listed on ; or have a vintage Star Wars collection from 1977-1985 that you are wanting to sell, please feel free to e-mail me so I can make you a fair offer or arrange to sell the items on consignment for you. Thank you for your interest, and May the Force be with you!Contact Information contact_mailContact Me publicPlease feel free to contact me with any questions using 's e-mail interface. I check messages many times each day so you will normally receive a response within 24 hours. Also, feel free to send me your want list so I can help you find those rare, hard-to-find pieces! The Jawas are always looking, and can often acquire rare finds at the right price of course.My mailing address can be found below:Tatooine Toyland
9650 Strickland Road
Suite #103-123
Raleigh, NC 27615response rate_reviewPositive response public starstarstarstarstarI greatly value your positive response, and I am always happy to leave you positive response. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact me; and give me a chance to earn your five star positive response before leaving me any negative response. I will never knowingly try to mislead you in any way. I do my best to describe everything I sell, but I'm not perfect. People do have differences of opinion. I really do take pride in my response, and strive for excellence with my response score. Also remember to follow tatooinetoyland as I continue to list 100's of new items each month.

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