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What you should know before ordering:

1.This link is for customizing your own katana sword. Pls check the customization options pics below and select what you want such as category, blade material, hamon, fittings and so on.

2. lf you have any additional customization requests, you can write us a note, or directly conact us.

3. When you have decisided everything you like, please tell us details and item numbers through chat. We will make an offer.

4. Normally your customized sword can be finished in 7 days, But a Non-tandard or a special size blade or scabbard need to be finished in 4-6 weeks. Please note.

5. We will send you the tracking number when your sword has been shipped out.

(1) A random sword bag comes with the sword.
(2) This Katana can be taken apart fully anytime for maintenance purposes, you can disassemble the sword from the handle by taking out two pegs.
(3) Due to our swords are full hand made. So specs will vary slightly from sword to sword. please understand.

1. These are most popular swords we make: 2. There are many styles of blades, each with a different center of balance:

3. Choose one kind of steel you would like to have:

4. Kissaki is the part of the tip of the blade with a yokote line indicating the end of the kissaki. A particularly short one is called a Kokissaki and was commonly seen on 12th century Tachi swords, the precursor to the Katana. A standard length tip is called a Chukissaki, and a long one, an Okissaki:

5. Hi / Bo-hiIt is the part that makes the blade more beautiful and interesting. But its main function is to reduce the weight of the blade and swordsmiths often use this technique to restore balance to the blade. While using the sword, a whoosh whoosh sound of wind is heard, that is, the phenomenon of wind passing through Hi/Bo-hi. Hi/Bo-hi comes in many forms:
-Standard full length groove that terminates either just before or actually under the habaki blade collar, there are several less common variants.
-Double Bo-hi which has two - shallower - fullers instead of one. However, from a practical viewpoint, the effect on handling is the same as a single, deeper fuller, the only difference is, it is perhaps more visually interesting
-Partial bohi, that is to say, a groove around 1/3 the length of the actual blade.

6. Hamon. The most attractive part of a Japanese sword is the separation between the hard edge and the soft body of blade. It has a beautiful wavy appearance. The hamon can occur in the hardening process where the mixture between mud and carbon are applied on the blade during quenching. Resulting in an unequal cooling rate , creating a different hardness area, making the edge harder than the blade body. which will have the ability to maintain a good edge(hard area) and at the same time have high flexibility(soft area) in the same blade.

There are many types of temper line. Welcome to add more.

Basic Fittings

Alloy Tsuba Set

Iron Tsuba Set

High Quality Tsuba Set

Select Iron Tsuba Only

Select Brass Fuchi and Kashira Only

Silk Ito/Sageo

Leather Ito

Imported Leather ito

(Famous for its hardness which will protect the handle from being damaged than common silk ito)

Genuine Rayskin

Imported Sageo

Brass Habaki

Brass Seppa


Common SAYA

High quality SAYA

Hishigami Service:
(Add hishigami under tsuka-maki costs $45)

Engraving Service:
(We can engrave on the Full Tang or on the Blade for you,by hand-carved,or laser engravings,or etch engravings)

1.Hand carved on the full tang or blade costs $38

2.Hand-carved pattern on the blade,costs $280

3.We can engrave Chinese characters, English letters or Japanese kanji and other languages.Laser engraving costs $10,Etch engraving costs $20

4: We can engrave patterns like dragon, tiger, plum blossom and other patterns on the blade.Laser engrving cost $15,Etch engraving costs $30

5.Complicated patterns, please contact us through message for the price.

Where we can engrave:
We can engrave on the Full Tang or on the Blade for you.

The following engrave are our samples :

Sample of engrave KANJI

Sample of engrave PATTERN

SHIPPING: It’s about 3-4 working days from you order the item to it has been send out. The deliver time is about 7-15 days, which depends on the Custom clearance efficiency. So ,normally, it take about 10-20 days to get the item after you purchase it.Specially customized sword would cost more time since all our swords are handmade swords. Please contact us for the estimated delivery time of the customization sword!!!

POLICY: Dear customer:
Our goal is to make every customer who buy our products satisfied, we not only pay great attention to before-sale service but also after-sale service. If there is any problem with the sword after you have receive the product, please feel free to contact us through message, our after-sale service team will make every effort to help you solve the problem.
Our goal is five star response. If for any reason you don't feel you can give us a positive response or a 5 star DSR score (Detailed Seller Rating), let us know. We will do whatever we can to right the situation and finally make you happy!!!

Please feel free to contact us through message if you have any question towards the products, we will be glad to answer you!!

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