EDWARD TELLER- The Father of Hydrogen Bomb Vintage 1st Day Cover Museum Framed For Sale

EDWARD TELLER- The Father of Hydrogen Bomb Vintage 1st Day Cover Museum Framed

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EDWARD TELLER- The Father of Hydrogen Bomb Vintage 1st Day Cover Museum Framed:

Offered for your consideration an Atomic Age of Television time capsule from 1955...



This is an AUTHENTIC VINTAGE HAND SIGNED ORIGINALstamped vintage 1955 Atoms for Peace first day cover hand signed by legendary physicist EDWARD TELLER aka THE FATHER OF THE HYDROGEN BOMB.

EDWARD TELLERThe "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb" signed this 1955 first day of issue Atoms for Peace postmarked in Washington D.C.Edward Teller (1908-2003), often referred to as the “Father of the Hydrogen Bomb”,was born in Hungary and educated in Germany before fleeing the Nazis.He worked on the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic (fission) bomb, but was already looking forward to the even greater power which might be unleashed by nuclear fusion. Teller influenced U.S. Presidents of both parties with hisadvocacy of nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, and the Strategic DefenseInitiative.Teller made headlines in 1954 when he testified that he, personally, did not trust nuclear physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer enough to renew his security clearance. As a result of this hearing, Oppenheimer, another one of the pioneering scientists behind nuclear weapons, had his United States security clearance revoked.In his memoirs, Teller observed: "I deeply regret the deaths and injuries that resulted from the atomic bombings, but my best explanation of why I do not regret working on weapons is a question: What if we hadn't?"

“Near Mint/Mint Condition museum preservation standards framed investment grade vintage historical atomic energy collectible. Delivered with The Merchant of Memories Inc.registered numbered full Letter of Authenticity. This Museum Framed Vintage Entertainment Display is absolutely beautiful and measures approximately 16" x 21" Framed using all acid free earth tone acid free linen fabric matting materials, protected under non-glare UV-Plexi-glas and framed using heavy solid hard wood framed.

This One-of-a-kind Atomic Age Collectible is delivered with the Merchant of Memories Inc. Unconditional Lifetime Money Back Guarantee of Authenticity and complete satisfaction.”

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These are not a pre-print or a reproduced signatures,EDWARD TELLER'sautograph is Hand Signed in ink and is boldand beautiful.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction. All Merchant of Memories Inc. collectibles are unconditionally money back guaranteed authentic without time limit. DeliverwithLetter of Authenticity The Merchant of Memories Inc. COA.

Our framed historical investment rarities are truly works of art.

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We cut no corners and spare no expense preserving history for future generations.

Nobodydoes it better!

Absolutely beautiful! We always money-back guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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EDWARD TELLER- The Father of Hydrogen Bomb Vintage 1st Day Cover Museum Framed





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