Dietz Vesta New York, Antique Vintage Lehigh Valley Railroad Lantern -37e For Sale

Dietz Vesta New York, Antique Vintage Lehigh Valley Railroad Lantern        -37e

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Dietz Vesta New York, Antique Vintage Lehigh Valley Railroad Lantern -37e:

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Item For Sale:

Vintage Antique Oil Railroad Lantern Lamp

New York Dietz Vesta USA

Railroad Line: Lehigh Valley

Patented: Nov. 8-27, Dec. 25-28, Apr. 3-28, May 4-20

No.: S-1-40

Emits Yellow Light

Clear Globe etched with "LVRR"

Brand: New York Dietz Vesta USA

  • Lehigh Valley
  • PatentedNov 8-27, Dec 25-28, Apr. 3-28, May 4-20
  • Light Color Emitted: Yellow
  • Height: Lamp Measures about 10" tall not including the Handle
  • Oil Lantern
  • Push-Bow Style Unlock
  • Clear Globe
  • "L.V.R.R." and "Dietz Vesta New York USA" are embossed in raised letters on the chimney cap
  • A "K" and "LVRR" are etched into the glass globe
  • Has normal wear and marks; slight rusting on lamp and scratch marks, overall lantern is in excellent condition.
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