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Lunar Meteorite NWA 11788

"Apollo Flag Salute"

Moon Rock Display Details

Our beautiful displays are prepared from genuine catalogued Lunar meteorite rocks, and include anauthenticatedCertificate of Provenance.

100% money back, no questions asked guarantee.

Deluxeedition: nice-sized rocks, exclusive art, high resolution graphics,androcks individually prepared so no two are alike.

Famous patriotic image... Apollo 17 astronautand the final Lunar mission farewell flag salute!

The reverse display side has interesting facts and history about the meteorite.

Representative sample is shown and weighs approximately 12mg (about 3x3mm).

The whitecircle in the graphicsthat the rock sits in is 1/4 inch in diameter.

The penny in photo is provided for scale but not included.

The display case is a durable two-piece 2 inch x 2 inchclear plastic, with snap closure.

Each displayincludesa hard plastic easel to show off your new collectible.

Any collector, amateur astronomer, or sci-fi fan would love to display a genuine Moon rock in their home or office.

Authentic Moon meteorites are ultra rare andmore valuable than gold!

We have the best displays on the market...bigger rocks, bigger displays (2x2 inches), exclusive artwork,andthe lowest prices!We fully disclose the source of our specimens and belong to the prestigious IMCA, see below.

Provenance (Proof of Authenticity)

The displays are guaranteed to be prepared from Lunar Meteorite NWA 11788 specimens of the Noyes Planetary Collection, a private selection of catalogued meteorites. Daniel Noyesis ahighly respected member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA); member # 6830.

The IMCA is a world-wide, non-profit organization adhering to the strictest standards of authenticity and ethics. Learn more about the IMCA on their official website and cross reference members for verification.

Each display comes with a Certificate of Provenance and a 100% satisfaction money back return.

Meteorite History

NWA 11788 was discovered in Northwest Africa in theGreat Sahara Desertin 2017.

Meteorite hunters in Mali discovered an original total mass of only 10.44kg.

NWA 11788 represents a Lunar melt rock from a high temperature impact crater.

It is a feldspathic-breccia achondrite, with composition similar to ones from Apollo 16.

The Lunar Meteorite NWA 11788 is considered to be extremelyrare.

How to Spot the Fake Rocks

Legitimate meteorites demonstratetrueauthenticity by documenting the history from which recognized source the material originated. The meteorite history must be traceable to the original source and include verification of authenticity or classification by an independent expert.If a listing does not provide provenance, ask the seller to provide the information.

IMCA - member #6830


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Feel free to write with any questions, and thanks for looking!

These unique visual artworks, including descriptive text, specific graphic images, and the presentation in combination with the distinct plastic components may not be reproduced individually or in totality, in any manner, without the expressed written consent of the artist.

© Copyright 2021-2022. N & N Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.

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