Charity Sale- Solar Portable Buddhist Chanting Machine 4 x 2.5 x 0.75 in For Sale

Charity Sale- Solar Portable Buddhist Chanting Machine 4 x 2.5 x 0.75 in
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Charity Sale- Solar Portable Buddhist Chanting Machine 4 x 2.5 x 0.75 in:


We FINALLY found a Buddhist Chanting Machine with great quality for you! It was referred by a friend whose devices have been playing non-stop perfectly in her garden for more than a decade! (Check out our listed solar outdoor Buddhist machine, please~) This brand now has small sized portable solar energy chanting machine!

This chanting machine with pre-loaded 53 soundtracks of Buddhism master’s chanting or chanting songs has solar panels and charging cord, it comes with speaker and audio jack options. With the touch of a button, you can turn it on/off, change soundtracks, and adjust volume. It can be used at home, school, or on the go. You can play it when driving, walking, hiking, meditating, getting ready for sleep, doing house chore, working in your yard, and so on, silently or chant out loud. You can switch tracks as you like. Even just playing it without chanting along, the sound will be helpful to create a tranquil and ambiance environment in your area! No smartphone, app, or computer is required, just a deep breath and an open mind. Soothe and unwind, settle into slumber, or just enjoy a peaceful and relaxed moment!

Hassle free, worry free, great quality, shipment is included!

*Here is some information about the meditation method of Chanting Buddha’s name:


People have noticed that meditation can help us lead a healthier, more joyful life in an endlessly connected, fast-paced world.

There is a wonderful method of meditation we must share with you – Chanting Buddha’s name, or more specifically, chanting Amita Buddha’s name!

You can chant silently or out loud, fast or slow; it is not necessary to sit still, you can chant while moving your body like walking; you can chant in English (Namo Amitabha or just Amitabha), or in any language you would like to. Language is not an obstacle in Buddha’s world, neither in your heart!

Chanting Amita Buddha’s name as your daily meditation practice, listening to your voice and focusing on your voice/the voice in your mind – as long as you can. Put all other thoughts aside and your chanting voice occupies all your heart. That is the key to this one-of-a-kind method.

Practice it and you will find that it can improve: Sleep quality, immunity, mindfulness, emotional regulation, empathy, patience, confidence, overall wellness, focus…It helps you to create your own space and allows you to stay with your own breath, to stay with empathy, gratitude, relaxation, warmth/restoration, stillness, creativity/inspiration, feelings/awareness…It is AWESOME for everyone!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have further questions. And if you are interested of knowing more of this Chanting Buddha’s name meditation method, you may find much more information in our listed books, for example, the book “Pure-Land Zen, Zen Pure-Land” by Patriarch Yin Kuang… Well, we hope you find those information and items valuable!

(Welcome! We are here to share the teachings of the Buddha. Hopefully, by sharing these Dharma gifts with you, suffering can be relieved and eventually eliminated. We are a non-profit distribution organization. Our books are for free distribution, not for sale. It is due to ’s policy that we must charge an amount for any item, so we charge 0.99 dollars. All the money received from selling other items of the store are for printing more books, paying shipment, or purchasing Buddhist items from overseas, etc.

Please keep the book(s) and item(s) with respect and care or distribute it(them) out if not needed anymore. If you would like to download free eBooks and/or donate to support us, welcome to visit our website of Thank you and best wishes!

May the merits and virtues accrued from the store, relieve the suffering of those in the three paths below. Bless those who see and hear of us, bring forth the Bodhi Mind and be born in the Pureland of Amida Buddha! NAMO AMITABHA)

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